Possible trades for DHoward

It was suggested that someone should start a thread where people could post their teams possible offers to try and get Howard. Have fun with this but try and be fair.

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Utah Jazz

Here is my trade for the Magic:

With this trade the Jazz also trade the #3 and the #12 this year and get back Orlando first round pick next year top 10 protected.

The reason that I think this is reasonable is because Jefferson is a low post scorer that could thrive in the east and you add Milsap as a possible trading chip or someone you want to hold onto. The Magic could use the #3 and the #12 to draft a future PG and a good wing. Or they can use the picks to try and pry the #2 from Minny for either Irving or Williams. The Magic would not have a superstar anymore but they would have a team full of good solid contributors.

Let the rebuilding begin.

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Remember, before you suggest

Remember, before you suggest a trade involving Dwight Howard, people need to think about whether he'll RE-SIGN with that team after 2012. Just saying.

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Any realistic trade has to take on Gilbert Arenas in my opinion. Also since you can't add draft picks just throw in Minnesota's first round pick next year and a future 1st round pick. Imagine Blake and Dwight on the same team. This way Orlando gets a solid starting center, a great draft pick in a great draft class next year and Mo Williams is an upgrade over Arenas. Al-Farouq Aminu is a young player the Magic could look to develop and Randy Foye is basically just there to make the money work. I understand this isn't likely but it would work.

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I agree about gilbert Detroit

I agree about gilbert

Detroit sends: Ben Gordon, Greg Monroe, Terrico White, Austin Daye, Jason Maxiell, S&T Stuckey and this years first round pick

Arenas - Hamilton - Prince - Jerebko - D12

Bynum - 2nd rounder - Richardson - Charlie V - Big Ben

Orlando sends: D12, QRich, and Gilbert

Nelson - Gordon - Turkoglu - Monroe - Pistons Pick

Stuckey - White - Daye - Anderson / Bass - Orton

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symbol as much as i would

symbol as much as i would like to see that

prob wont happen lol

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What it would take

Remember people, most of the places Dwight Howard indeed would want to play might not have the salary cap space available to sign him straight up. This means that Orlando can really get a nice asking price. Not only that, but you have to also figure that Dwight will in no way want to play on certain teams that indeed give up all of their assets to get him. Than he is basically in Orlando, though the weather is probably worse.

So, let's limit the teams Dwight Howard might want to go to outside of Orlando. Here they are:

  • LA Lakers: Kobe Bryant is still great, and even though the asking price might be considerable, they might still be able to compete with Kobe, Dwight and a nice supporting cast.
  • Atlanta Hawks: Going back to his hometown, the Hawks may be able to throw in a nice young big in Al Horford and some solid expiring contracts to get the Magic on a rebuilding track they more than likely will face losing their franchise player.
  • New Jersey (Brooklyn) Nets: Deron Williams and Dwight Howard could indeed work wonders, the question would be what other assets would the Nets indeed give up to make this happen, or can they find some desperate third team to get in on the action.
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: With Russell Westbrook for Chris Paul rumors popping up, I would not be surprised if Russell might be mentioned as possibly going to Orlando as well. He is probably the best individual player they will get for Dwight, and I am sure Dwight would love the chance to play with Kevin Durant. They would of course have to probably convince the Magic to take newly acquired Kendrick Perkins, and maybe throw in some young prospects, but it could definitely be worth it.
  • Chicago Bulls: Yes, this one appears to be an incredible long shot, but you can not rule out that Dwight may indeed really want to go to Chicago. Personally, I think it would be a difficult sell for Orlando, and I think they could get more in return looking elsewhere.

This is the short list, but I do not think other teams have the assets to do this trade, and even these teams lack a little. I think Dwight probably has no desire to go to Utah (sorry Jazz fans, but it is probably true) and I do not know if these are ALL of his options, but you have to think this would be his short list. I might include New Orleans, but they have no real assets outside of Chris Paul.

Now, here is the issue with offering draft picks. Yes, looking at the second pick in the draft looks good and all, but you have to think that Minnesota would be trading Kevin Love, Derrick Williams/Kyrie Irving/Enes Kanter and whatever other insignificant pieces of the deal would be. After all of that goes down, and Orlando is probably unhappy with what they get for the best Center in the NBA bar none, than Dwight has what to work with on Minnesota? Some young guys with some promise, but Michael Beasley and Ricky Rubio do not exactly get me hyped about my teams chances. Wesley Johnson is a solid young wing, but is this team really that much more competitive with he and Beasley being third or second banana? I will go with no.

To me, OKC and Atlanta probably have the best realistic trade assets, and it has nothing to do with whatever draft picks they give up. It is unfortunate that Jamal Crawford's contract has expired, but if Atlanta could manage to sell Orlando on a base of Al Horford, Kirk Hinrich and maybe even Jeff Teague (God forbid Hawks fans, but you would be getting Dwight Howard), than that would be golden. Easier said than done, but that at least gives Dwight Howard incentive to sign with the team they are trading him too.

OKC would have to be revolved around Russell Westbrook, and probably, what will kill this from happening more than likely, Kendrick Perkins. In fact, I would not be surprised if they demand Serge Ibaka be included as well. I am sure if OKC had Durant and Harden teaming with Howard, they could see some vision there. Howard would open so much space for the both of them that they could indeed become a team to contend with, even more so than their current core. But, does Orlando really want to take on Perkins newly resigned deal? OKC also really does not have many good expiring deals either, hence the problem.

Honestly, I think the Lakers are screwed when it comes to trading for Dwight. Yes, I know people think Orlando would be totally gung-ho too take Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, but I think they are not at all down for that kind of a deal. Yes, Bynum has All-Star potential, and Odom is solid, but they would be trading for injury prone and old. I think it would take Bynum and Gasol, and I would have a harder time selling this to the Magic than the Lakers quite honestly. You lose Odom off of the bench and move him to the starting 4, or get some grinding big to play next to Dwight to start the game, and as long as you have Kobe, Dwight has to be happy.

Truly, I think these trades are going to be tough sells. I do not think I have seen one where I believe both parties would be willing to partake. In that I mean Orlando willing to trade and Dwight willing to re-sign with said team. I have seen little evidence of late of teams willing to take flyers on Super Star players staying there for one year, just very little evidence of that happening lately, especially as young as Dwight is right now. I think he needs to believe that he will be playing with another great player, probably one as or close to as offensively proficient as he is, and I think Orlando will get a lot out of the deal.

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I was like, “Cool. It is what

I was like, “Cool. It is what it is.”

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Nash was traded to the Los

Nash was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in early July in exchange for two first round picks (2013 and 2015) and a 2014 second round selection. The deal officially ended an era under Nash which included three trips to the Western Conference Finals. The previous success seems like a distant memory as the Suns missed the playoffs for the second consecutive season in 2012.

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One of the team’s strengths

One of the team’s strengths this season will be the backcourt with Williams, Jeff Teague and former All-Star Devin Harris expected to get the lion’s share of minutes at guard. From afar, Williams has admired both of his new backcourt mates.

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