Possible Draft Ramifications from Measurements?

When decision makers look at the measurements, they're not really concerned about the actual numbers exactly, I'm sure they care more about how they stack up against other prospects and their NBA players. Based on that assumption... I think the possible scenarios will break down, barring cataclysmic results in the drills.

1. Blair
People bashing Blair for his size will surely stop now; he measured more than 1 inch better than Griffin on his standing reach. Considering Blair's no Shoe height at 6'5 1/2", this means that he'll have such a low center of gravity, giving him even more strength than people think. Granted, he may not bench that well (to be determined later), but his lower body strength will be immense. His weight does seem to be getting to a decent level at 277. considering how big he actually stands, I'd say his NBA playing weight should be around 265-270, which he's not far from. Draft implications wise, I really think at this point, with the information we have, Blair does not slip past the Raptors at 9; they've craved a nasty,dirty-work big man ever since Antonio Davis left town. Blair's Standing reach puts him somewhere in the legit 6'8" 6'9" PF size. No way the Raps pass on Blair at 9, book that.

2. Griffin
*Gasp!* can it be? Will Griffin slip out of the top 1? Nope. However, his Standing reach and Wingspan are horrible for someone who supposedly does NOT have size issues (according to many sources, some of which are posted on this site). This will definitely impact just how much value the Clips can extract from trades as Griffin should be classified as a slightly undersized NBA PF now. To put his height in perspective, Michael Beasley Measured better than Griffin on the standing reach, and we all consider him to be a really undersized PF or a combo forward. Don't get me wrong, Griffin is still an immense talent, but he'll have more trouble dominating in the NBA than most of us thought.

3. Curry
The dude only measured in at 6'3 1/2" wingspan with a 8'1" standing reach. *sigh* I really thought he'd measure better. This means that he'll be severely undersized at the 2, more so than I thought. This may actually improve his stock as he'll be asked to display more point guard skills, which I'm sure he'll turn a few heads with. His standing reach is approx the same as many of the other average sized PG prospects, so he'll be OK at the 1 size-wise in the NBA. IF he can sell himself as a great shooter with average PG skills, he won't slip past the Knicks, but might go earlier...Sacramento, perhaps is his ceiling right now.

4. Clark
Wow. This guy is big or what! His standing reach puts him only about 1 and a half inch below BJ Mullens, and that guy's considered to have great size at the Centre spot. His weight is not where it needs to be at his height to be effective as a 4 yet in the NBA. Give him 2 years, he'll be near 235-240, playing at a great combo forward size. Wingspan (7'2 1/2") gives him adequate length for passing lanes and contesting shots both on the wings and in the post. Doesn't slip past Milwaukee, as Charlie V is definitely not going back there. He's looking to be the guy on offense somewhere. Earl Clark will be a great replacement; he's the more wing oriented second Coming of Charlie V. They measure about the same, with Charlie being a few pounds heavier coming into the draft and both have nice playmaking skills (advantage Clark here). Shooting wise, Charlie wasn't all that impressive in college shooting the ball, but better than average.

5. Psycho T
The guy isn't as small as I thought, measuring approx the same size as Griffin. With size issues resolved for now, Hansborough probably has a safety net at Portland at 24. Portland doesn't have the tough, hustle post player that it desperately needed to hang with Carl Landry and Chuck Hayes in the Houston series. The Portland Big men were either too soft or not quick enough to box those two guys out. Hansborough should have little problem giving Portland some immediate help; he'll easily have a similar impact to Carl Landry.

6. Collison
UGH... 166? This number looks more like a high schooler's bench press, not the weight of an NBA player. Collison measured much lighter than the next lightest PG prospects. To put this in perspective, Monta Ellis, who was Rail thin before the draft, still is, to a degree, measured at 177. Conley, another small guy, measured 5 pounds heavier at 171.
Unless you're named Allen Iverson, you CAN'T play in the NBA for more than a few seasons weighing less than 170 pounds. I'd say he slips past 35, due to the plethora of better PG prospects in this draft.

what do you guys think? Feel free to comment.

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I was just as shocked to see that he is a solid 6'9.5", I believe, I thought he was closer to 6'7" or 6'8" so to see him measure about an inch more than anticipated made me have second thoughts about him. Also, Stephen Curry measured higher than I thought, I've heard between 6'1" and 6'3" so to actually see he was a little over 6'3" surprised me.

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Standing reach isn't everything

We all know Blake can rebound -- this is not an issue.

Blake has EXPLOSIVENESS: vertical + quickness on the jump. That compensates for any standing reach deficiencies.

Look, what we saw during the season is what it is. He's very strong and explosive and can rebound and dunk.

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Standing reach...

I think that it is an important statistic right now and completely relevant to not only our discussions but also to how a guy gets drafted, where he gets drafted, and by whom he gets drafted. But, once these guys all get into the league and show how they use their physical size and skills, it won't ever matter again. You combine standing reach and height with vertical leap, ability to explode again as soon as you land from a jump (Rodman was amazing at this, especially when he was in Detroit), strength, instinct, work habits, basketball IQ, potential for an increased knowledge base, etc.

It's like High School GPA, ACT or SAT Score, and then eventually College GPA. Once you start working, it doesn't mean shit. I took the ACT twice and got a 32 and a 33. Do you think that makes a difference right now when I go looking for a new job? Trust me, I wish it did. Man the economy sucks, even harder than my current job. Hell, these guys college statistics don't even mean that much anymore.

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blair and clark

you said blair wont go pass 9 and clark 10. i dont know if they will def get picked before then. clark could go before blair easily and to toronto at 9. toronto could also go for evans, derozen, or hill if they drop to 9.

i will say blair and clark wont go pass new jersey at 11. 9,10,11 could all go pf's but i see clark or blair slipping to 11

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All u clowns on the site who were saying Blake Griffin wouldn't measure well. He measured at 6-10 in shoes which like I keep saying is what the game is played in. All of u guys who thought Harden was only 6-3. Wrong again I said on a post a couple of months ago was that he was 6-4 in socks and 6-5 in shoes, and he has a 6-10 wingspan. I guess I don't know what I'm talking about.

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I think this measurement

I think this measurement really helped Curry. This means he is a good sized point guard. 6'3 is even a tolerable size for a shooting guard. I mean Ben Gordon is only 6'3 and Foye is like 6'4 and he likes to play the 2. Heck, even Nate Robinson plays the 2 sometimes and everyone knows he is currently the shortest player in the NBA at like 5'9.

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Re: Leppy

I really think Brian Colangelo has realized that it's very difficult to put together a team of fruity finesse players and legitimately win in the NBA. Everyone talks about drafting a potential superstar, but they don't realize that it'll be difficult to sign a potential superstar to a big contract and still keep your existing superstars. Some teams already have "potential superstars". The Raptors have Bargnani. He's shown solid improvement and is looking like he'll put up 18 and 7 w/ 2 blocks next season (he put up those numbers in the last 2 months, approximately). Bargnani and Bosh are both finesse big men who play smaller than their height. Blair is the Ying to their Yang; he plays bigger than his height, he plays bigger than Bosh AND Bargnani. If you remember my extensive post on the huge overall success of undersized PFs in accordance to their draft positions, there are VERY FEW busts when it comes to undersized Power forwards.

here is the forum post http://www.nbadraft.net/node/5603

all I'm saying is that....

the Raptors should draft Blair. Colangelo wouldn't be making a mistake if he didn't and went with Clark, but this is a safe move, as I've stated before about undersized PFs. Blair can contribute immediately and make Toronto a tougher team.

really interesting observation

The Raptors haven't re-signed players they've drafted in the last few years. Only BOSH and Carter in the last 10 years I'm pretty sure. Remember that they couldn't resign T-Mac and he was a player who the Raptors drafted for potential and bolted after his rookie contract. This makes Blair an even more obvious choice as he'll be able to fill a need right away as he'll rebound and hustle better than 80% of starting PFs in the NBA right away. Based on Raptors history, Blair has a high chance of being traded or bolting after 4 years anyway, might as well get him, instead of Clark, who has more potential, but won't help the Raps as much in the short run. Players generally don't want to play in Toronto, so more players bolt after their rookie contract.

that is why I think the Raps will draft Blair with the 9th Pick

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