Possible Boozer sign and trade

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Possible Boozer sign and trade

The Jazz will probably not be able to keep Boozer this year so they might draft a PF to replace him, but they also need a SF to replace AK since this is the last year on his contract (he can opt out in the offseason, if not then in 2011 he is a free agent. Jeff Green from the Thunder is more of a 3 then a 4 in my opinon, but he will never play the 3 as long as Durant is in OKC. OKC has a ton of cap space so they should be able to take on Boozer's potential contract. So how about this trade.

Booz gets signed by Utah for 9-10 million for about 5 years then is immediately traded to OKC for Jeff Green and Nick Collison.
Salaries match up, Both teams get what they need. and Jeff Green can play his normal position. Collison is included only so the salaries match and he can be used as a future trade bait along with AK. I still think the Jazz will go over the cap limit but not that much. Mattews is signed for about 2-3 million, and then Fez is signed for about 1 million, SIgn Korver for about another million and him and Miles as a backup at the 2 guard. And we are only a two to three million over the limit.(Not bad)
Please tell me these lineups promises a championship soon for both teams
Millsap/9th pick(Udoh)
Williams/ Price

Krstic/21st pick(Orton)
Durant/26 pick(Pondexter)
Sefalosha/ Harden (interchangeable)

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I think thats a good

I think thats a good trade..but dont think OKC will go for it...they might think sending both Green & Collison away might be too's hard to figure which direction Utah might go in this Draft..They might feel they need a center,select a shooting guard ,draft a backup point guard like Bledsoe or trade the pick for a veteran

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My thoughts...- Boozer is

My thoughts...

- Boozer is definitely getting more than $9-10 million. He got 6 years/$70 million when he signed with Utah in '04, and that was after averaging 15.5 and 11.4. He averaged 19.5 and 11.2 this year, and at 28, he's right in his prime. He will get a deal that's AT LEAST equal to that which he signed with Utah six years ago.
- I think you failed to take into account the fact that Jeff Green is in the last year of his contract next year. The Jazz will either let Boozer go to save a lot of $ or make a blockbuster deal to give Sloan and DWill the talent they deserve. Green would be a one-year rental, after which they would be in the same position with Boozer, and seeing how Deron and Boozer have developed incredible chemistry, that wouldn't make much sense at all. If they deal Boozer it would be for a long-term replacement, whereas Green could just as soon flee after one year.
- If the Thunder are to commit a lot of money to someone, it's going to be a true center. The Laker bigs killed them in the first round, and Boozer would do nothing to help that cause on D. If they got a center who could actually score, they would have the size necessary to defend the likes of Gasol and Bynum and a low post option. Boozer can only satisfy one of those needs, and he's not even a real low post threat against a team like LA, forced to create more in the paint and shoot J's over much taller players. Great feeds from Deron made him look as good as conceivably possible against LA, and it's not like he was amazing.
- I don't think the Jazz are trading within the division again. Just a hunch.
- Finally, Korver will demand more than $1 million a year. That performance against LA in game 3 will warrant a multi-million deal for sure. He set the record for highest 3PT% in a single season this year, though he didn't play the whole year (still qualified, though). There just aren't many shooters like him, and when he's on (see: vs. LA in game 3), there's NO ONE like him.
- That said, I can't say I don't like that Jazz lineup...but it would probably only be for a year.

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you make a good point

you make a good point sambuckeye 13. Utah will make some changes though. Mark my words they are tired of being ousted by the lakers in the playoffs.

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If you take into account the

If you take into account the type of team Presti has been professed in trying to build... Boozer won't be welcome. I think Boozer would fit OKC well at the 4 if Ibaka can hold things down at the 5... I just don't see OKC wanting Boozer. His price tag seems high aswell. You know theres going to be a team that offers him near max this offseason.

If we go further into Presti's plans... do you believe a core of Durant, Westbrook and Boozer is enough to win a championship? It might be, I don't know.

LA's and BOS's frontlines look huge though.

As sammybuckeye13 mentioned... OKC is going for a franchise center if they make any trades. Its their one real weakness. They need a strong defensive oriented big man who runs like a deer. They don't grow on tree's though. OKC should be able to find a fairly good big in this draft if they can either trade up via picks/assets or perhaps by finding a diamond in the rough in the later rounds.

Who knows... maybe BJ mullens improves this offseason and turns into a player next year.

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Terrible Idea...and not realistic financially...

First of all Boozer is going to command at least the 12 to 13 million he earned this past year on the free agent market. Korver made 5 million last year, and will easily be able to find a team that will pay him in that same range this season. Also trading Boozer to an up and coming team in your own division is like slitting your own wrists. It's a god awful idea. That's all KD needs to take the Thunder to the next level. I don't think an athletic slasher like Green would fit in very well in Sloan's sytem anyway. Miles has a similar game anyway. Are weakness is up front, not on the wings. We have more then enough capable wings (which is why we traded Ronnie Brewer). Matthews will probably get offered a 4 to 5 million dollar deal from some team in free agency. I think people are underselling his open market value. The Jazz will be hard pressed to resign him (though I think they will match any offer like they did with Millsap last summer).

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I don't know if the numbers

I don't know if the numbers match up and also a frontline of boozer and ibaka would be fun to watch buy they would get ousted by the lakers because of the lack of height. Utah is a true center away from being real title contenders. If they draft aldrich and he pans out like he's supposed to then they could be better, but they still need a taller 4 as well. I love millsap but they need height tremendously.

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that utah frontline will get

that utah frontline will get killed in the west

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If I'm OKC, I'm not

If I'm OKC, I'm not committing 10 mil to any big man unless his name is Chris Bosh this offseason.

If I was OKC, why speed up the process with a bad move in adding another undersized big? I say with 3 top 35 picks, go add what you need.

I would do a deal like Thabo for Aaron Gray to add another big man. With that, I would go and add (If they are there at these draft positions)

21st pick- Daniel Orton
26th pick- Soloman Alabi
32nd pick- Craig Brackins

Adding Orton, Alabi and Brackins to Collison, Gray, Ibaka and Mullens (who has made some stride since last season) would be scary. They would have solid bigs to throw around plus Brackins could play some SF and Durant at the 2 for a big lineup? Scary.

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