Portsmouth Invitational Tournament(PIT) Update Day 2

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Portsmouth Invitational Tournament(PIT) Update Day 2

Top Players Day 2:

Jack Cooley: 16pts, 14boards, 2blks, 30mins

Lamont Jones: 19pts(8-21), 7boards, 3ast, 2stls, 30mins

DJ Cooper: 10pts, 8ast, 5boards, 29mins

Dwyane Davis: 19pts, 4ast, 26mins

Brock Motum: 7pts, 10boards, 5ast, 26mins

Aziz N'Diaye: 8pts, 8boards, 16mins

Rodney McGruder: 16pts, 4ast, 4boards, 31mins

Kenny Boynton: 13pts, 5ast, 4boards, 1TO, 27mins

Vincent Council: 5pts, 7ast, 4boards, 3stls, 24mins

Robert Covington: 16pts, 9boards, 28mins

O.D Anosike: 14pts, 8boards, 26mins

Ramon Galloway: 18pts, 8boards, 4ast, 3blks, 3stls, 9TO's, 30mins

Nick Minnerarth: 16pts, 3boards, 30mins

Abdul Gaddy: 14pts, 6boards, 4ast, 2stls, 26mins

Kevin Foster: 13pts, 6ast, 5stls, 29mins

Ed Daniels: 17pts, 6boards, 29mins

Rotnei Clarke: 10pts, 8ast, 31mins

Kwame Vaghun: 11pts, 7boards, 6ast, 2stls, 27mins

Derrick Nix: 10pts, 10boards, 16mins

Murphy Holloway: 14pts, 10boards, 27mins

Durand Scott: 10pts, 10boards, 24mins

EJ Singler: 18pts, 5boards, 23mins

Not So Hot players:

Will Clyburn: 3pts, 3boards, 13mins

Khalif Wyatt: 7pts, 3ast, 0boards, 4TO's, 22mins

Andrew Smith: 2pts(1-11), 6boards, 24mins

Mike Rosario: 4pts(2-10), 2ast, 3TO's, 29mins

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What did Triche and

What did Triche and Southerland do?!

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Pull out of the event.

Pull out of the event.

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