Pop-A-Shot Excellence

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Pop-A-Shot Excellence

I love basketball, just about any shape or form. When I was a kid and went to arcade games, the Pop-A-Shot would probably draw most of my attention. I had mini hoops and stuff growing up, just always dreamed of owning a Pop-A-Shot that would count my score that I could play over and over again. Years later, I still take my occasional chances when I see a machine. Unfortunately do not own one and a few years ago, I realize excellence at the game of Pop-A-Shot takes a very different form of shooting than one would use on a 10 foot hoop (yes, I learned this late in life). Here is a video of what I think would be a possible dream sequence of my ability in this game:

Also, I know I posted this a few years back, just had to also show the incredible ability of this woman once more:

Thought people would dig this, I am guessing many of us have had our Pop-A-Shot experience, be it when we were kids or go to Dave & Buster's, or places along those lines. I realize in the latest vid, the guy does have basketballs from what seems like 6 or 7 machines (I may be exaggerating, not by much lol). Still, definite skills and it is crazy to see these peoples ability. Just remember, we never be Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. However, if we work hard, we may be able to beat them at Pop-A-Shot like Ricardo the busboy (who is amazing):

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pop-a shot is awesome. I

pop-a shot is awesome. I have frequented Chuck-E-Cheese, arcades, movie theatres and Dave and Busters in hopes of obtaining a high score that will never be broken. I had a roommate about 7 years ago who was convinced that he was unbeatable in pop-a-shot and we would go to Chuk-E-Cheese once a week to settle the score. I've seen the Ricardo the Bus Boy videos before and that style is unbeatable.

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This should be an event

This should be an event during All-Star Weekend.

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God I swear for every amazing

God I swear for every amazing thing I can accomplish, there are 30 Asians that can do it better

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