Poll for Jazz fans concerning Carlos Boozer...

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Poll for Jazz fans concerning Carlos Boozer...

Do you want the Jazz to attempt to resign Carlos Boozer?

Make sure you understand the question. The question isn't do you like or dislike Carlos Boozer, or are the Jazz willing to go deep into the luxury tax to resign him (knowing AK's huge contract comes off the books after next season).

The question is merely do you WANT to see Carlos Boozer in a Jazz jersey next season?

Or would you rather see the team go in a different direction with their future, and their money.

The plus side is that he is a 20 and 10 guy, and is always a lock to be in contention for an all-star birth. The down side is that he is extremely injury prone, and their are genuine concerns about his commitment level as a player (especially when he isn't in a contract year playing for a new long term deal).

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sign and trade is the way to

sign and trade is the way to go.

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Boozer will only get 8-10 million on the open market...

Hopefullt the Kings don't reach and take him if they can't get Stat or D.Lee....The Jazz have a shot after Boozers feelings get hurt...He's not a top 5 Free Agent IMO....So he should go back to the Jazz for Cheap...That may also bring back some assests if they trade him any way...To me If Boozer wants a good deal/situation he'll sign for 6-10 Million. for 3 years...He can be traded to a contender with pieces or another upstart for picks and role players...

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Well, there is our 2008

Well, there is our 2008 draftee, Ante Tomic who is still playing for Real Madrid. He is compared to Pau Gasol. I'd rather a have a future Gasol than Booz. So if we do bring back Booz, for about 12 million, resign AK in 2011 for about 5 or 6million. I don't think we would have enough money to bring over Tomic. So from that point of view we should just let him go to another team afterall we already have Boozer's replacement in Millsap.

On the other side we know that Udoh, Patterson and Aldrich are about the only bigs that can contribute right away.With Miilsap already able to get Boozer's numbers, a backup like Udoh would be just fine, and once again we would not need to resign Boozer.

So if we are going to do a sign and trade, excellent, just make sure it is to bring over a SF that does not injured too often and can play the 3 well enough to start while AK is hurt. like he always is. Maybe Tayshaun Prince from Detroit or Hedo Turkoglu from Toronto or Jeff Green from OKC.

Scarecrow, I agree with you that Boozer is not a top 5 free agent. But that doesn't always mean he should 8-10 million deal. Boozer would never accept that if that was the Jazz's offer. He was able to produce effectively this year with about a $12 million. So he is going to want the same amount of money. We could also do a sign and trade with the Kings too. Sign Booz for about 12million, trade him to the Kings for Nocioi(7 million) and Garcia(5 million) and a 2011 first rounder. The Kings want to get rid of Nocioni, but he is a hard player and I think he would be a nice starter too if AK gets hurt. And we all know Garcia is a nice backup. So all the Kings would have to do is draft a SG with that 3 pick of the second round. At least 2 should be available by then. (Stephenson and Crawford)

So sign and trade is a good idea, but I would not mind if we end up just letting him go because we have a better shot at bringing Tomic over in 2011.

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sign and trade

all the way....its the only option i see them having where they can get farther in the playoffs

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Like a lot of Jazz fans I

Like a lot of Jazz fans I have mixed feelings about Boozer. His offensive skills are well established and he's pretty consistent. His defense is non-existent, and he is injury prone. In addition I believe money is more important to him than anything.

Losing him will be tough, but I believe Millsap will bring enough offense to compete with what we're losing with Boozer leaving. Millsap is a much better defender and offensive rebounder.

I am a little worried that the Jazz aren't going to make any big moves in the draft, and I still think the focus should be on a legit center and not a PF even if Boozer leaves. At least with the pick at #9. I am a huge Millsap fan though, I was really happy when the Jazz matched the offer sheet from Portland so we could keep him.

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Kings aren't gonna take

Kings aren't gonna take Boozer.. 1st of all I'd assumeBoozer would want togo to a contendor... 2nd The Kings are building for the future, Boozer is too old for them

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The Jazz should re-sign Boozer

Yes, the Jazz should re-sign Boozer, because no big man at #9 would come anywhere near Boozer's level of productivity.

Just replacing Boozer with some less productive big man at #9 would be a downgrade for the Jazz meaning no improvement for next season.

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Tomic isn't coming

He just signed a new contract with no opt out clause for two years, how is tomic going to help? He'll be 25 then....

I doubt we will get someone as good as booz, I say sign him, get a MLE player and a good draft pick. Or, sign and trade him.

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