Poll for Jazz fans concerning Carlos Boozer...

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Poll for Jazz fans concerning Carlos Boozer...

Do you want the Jazz to attempt to resign Carlos Boozer?

Make sure you understand the question. The question isn't do you like or dislike Carlos Boozer, or are the Jazz willing to go deep into the luxury tax to resign him (knowing AK's huge contract comes off the books after next season).

The question is merely do you WANT to see Carlos Boozer in a Jazz jersey next season?

Or would you rather see the team go in a different direction with their future, and their money.

The plus side is that he is a 20 and 10 guy, and is always a lock to be in contention for an all-star birth. The down side is that he is extremely injury prone, and their are genuine concerns about his commitment level as a player (especially when he isn't in a contract year playing for a new long term deal).

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