Police investigsting Lebron escort...

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Police investigsting Lebron escort...

Following up on the post, I just read the Lebron escort is now under investigation. The department released a statement saying there was no escort scheduled and department procedure was violated. Wouldn't be surprised if jobs are lost over this incident. Maybe Lebron will stop posting videos of stuff like this and learn a lesson. Moron.

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He pretty much snitched them

He pretty much snitched them out. The backlash will likely get them suspended. I doubt fired. Because cops pretty have to murder someone to lose their job in America compared to other countries.

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Jobs have been lost for a lot

Jobs have been lost for a lot less.

There was an incident where a cop stopped a man for speeding, turns out he was speeding because the man's mother-in-law was dying in the hospital but the officer didn't budge.

He later resigned in lieu of being terminated.

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That seems to rarely happen

That seems to rarely happen from what I see. I can name and post a bunch of videos of nothing happening to officers involved beating up female a shop lifter, police beating up a grieving father, police beating up a middle school student, police beating up a college student, police killing a restrained man and the list goes on and on. I was an admin for a police brutality page on Faebook.

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It was his reason for getting the escort

that gets to me. Bron was going to the JT and Jay Z concert and apparently traffic on the way was too nuts so he had to get a police escort into on coming traffic. The celebrity culture in the States is out of control. Lebron may have a genius basketball IQ, but he has shown more than once that his common sense is sometimes lacking.

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Much ado about nothing.

Much ado about nothing.

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Lol, this guy was the same one to hop to Shabazz's defense when he was kicked out of the NBAPA program for bringing a woman back to the hotel, but suddenly LeBron is a moron for allowing police to escort him through traffic and thanking them, not knowing they would get in trouble? I love how people who have personal vendetta's against people will use anything to show their disliking for a person. (inb4 "I like LeBron, he just makes very dumb decisions" or something of that manner)

However, I don't think it was that smart of LeBron to post this on the internet based on the fact that people could easily get upset because they have to sit through traffic while LeBron gets an easy pass because he's good at basketball. It seems like LeBron tries to do good deeds but it ends up backfiring because of his lack of knowledge of how the public will react.

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I don't care that LeBron is

I don't care that LeBron is famous, what was done was illegal on more than one level. The officer who allowed this to happen should and most likely will be let go, he broke direct violations and may even get slapped with criminal charges.

LeBron will most likely get nothing, but he broke the law and should face criminal charges. First and foremost is bribery, it is illegal to pay a police officer to escort you through traffic. It's one thing to have a police escort to protect you, but it is illegal to have one stop traffic for you. Next will be multiple counts of running stop lights, on top of this there may or may not be speeding violations as well.

LeBron will probably get nothing more than a slap on the wrist, but if a non-famous citizen did this they would lose their license, be in jail, and possibly face time in prison if bribery were convicted.

I noticed some of you seem to have the mentality of "who cares, he's famous he can do what he wants" well you're fools. This act could have caused accidents, all it takes is someone not paying attention going through an intersection and this could have caused injury or death.

A blatant abuse of power by both the officer and LeBron.

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Jesus. Criminal charges?

Jesus. Criminal charges? Jail? Thank god you don't make the policies, the whole country would be behind bars.

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The police let him do it, why

The police let him do it, why should Lebron be punished?

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^^^She's right though, some of what was done is Illegal

And it was clearly an abuse of power and celebrity...

The entire world engages in "Class Ism"...where in certain people get put on a pedal stool and are allowed to do what they please(The rich and famous get held to another standard than you and I in America)

Take a look at the "Royal" wedding and birth, pure garbage, we get bombed by media coverage of a wedding we shouldn't care about and a child's birth who will likely contribute nothing good to the world...

Lebron James seems like a cool guy, he came from Nothing and made something out of himself, he and his Children will never struggle for the rest of their lives, he and his family will get certain preferential treatment because of his social status...

Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, same thing, white looking male gets benefit of the doubt when killing a "suspicous" looking black male...It's bullshit, give us all the same Justice, is justice not supposed to be blind???

These police officers should be held to the same standards as all police officers caught up in the same scenario, they shouldn't be made an example of just because of a celebrity's involvement...I doubt it leads to anything serious but the 98% of the citizens in this country that aren't rich or famous should be upset by things like this happening, it's in your face "Class-ism"

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It wasn't even his fault. He

It wasn't even his fault. He didn't go and ask for it. Jay Z wouldn't start the concert until LeBron arrived. The fact that LeBron should be punished or put in jail for this is dumb as sh!t. If anyone is to blame it's Jay Z, that's the real issue here.

Quote from an article I apparently can't post the link too.

"Police apparently made the decision to offer James an escort because Jay Z refused to start the concert without him present, reported TMZ."

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Sorry much love for Jay Z he

Sorry much love for Jay Z he can do almost anything he wants but his concerts dont supersede the law

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lebron should be donating 1

lebron should be donating 1 million $ for society as a sign of feeling sorry...

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