Point Guard from Central Arkansas-Imad Qahwash

Saw that this kid is still in college and plays for Scottie Pippen's Alma Mater, he is from Canada, and was listed on the roster for the FIBA World championships which is impressive. Seems like a great prospect with a lot of potential and has been playing alot of international ball according to his institution.

Here is some footage of him playing in NCAA1 and with his National Team.




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Here were his stats last year

Here were his stats last year at Central Arkansas

6.4 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 2.6 apg, 76 assists to 86 turnovers, 3-17 from downtown, 39% FG shooting in 24.7 mpg

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Yeah noticed he didn't have

Yeah noticed he didn't have tremendous stats, he still has one more year left could be a good overseas prospect, what jumped out at me was his rebounding, and how he got to the line, needs to shoot more threes and improve that.

He was top 5 in FT throw rate as well in the NCAA


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Im not 100% about this rule

Im not 100% about this rule but I dont think Xavier Henry will follow coach Cal, because in doing so he would lose a year of eligibility since he's already signed his LOI to Memphis

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