Plumlee's Stock

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Plumlee's Stock

Most mocks have him going anywhere from 10 to 20. I just wonder how much his stock gonna rise after the combine. His brother went from being undrafted to being a first rounder. Mason's game is way better then Mile's game. I think GM's are drool when they see that 40 inch vertical. Think it mite move him into the top 10 what do y'all think???

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Top 10 is not far fetched at

Top 10 is not far fetched at all

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When you look at his games

He def disappears during stretches of the game. And he really only has a couple of moves in the post. With that being said he still had a great year and was a key part of the duke team. The guy averaged a double double and doesn't even really have go to moves or a polished game so just imagine what he could do when he test well at the combine and gets with a team who really works with him.

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I would think he could, like

I would think he could, like you said older Plumlee shot up the boards into the 1st. It just takes one team, and he could be a top 10. Philly, Washington, Sac/Sea, or OKC might be spots who would tke him right around 10 if Noel and Len are not around. Like I said, depends on if a team falls in love with him.

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I think he'll solidify a spot

I think he'll solidify a spot in the top 12. Some team will fall for his physical tools. I could see Mason being a 12 ppg 8 rpg player in his prime so that wouldn't be a bad grab in the late lotto, but I think his floor is lower, he could be a guy who doesn't become more than a 4th big off the bench. There is some risk involved in him, but he's a freak with Duke pedigree, a team with a ping pong ball will bite on him, I think he could go as high as 8 because he's the type of player a team would reach to get if they were sold on his physical tools, just like Indiana reached to grab Miles at 27. They weren't getting the best forward/center on the board they were getting Miles Plumlee. Someone will reach for Mason Plumlee, not just the best PF on the board.

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My Sixers need him

My Sixers need him

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No we don't...he is pretty

No we don't...he is pretty much an Arnett Moultrie clone if you ask me. The Sixers need a solid shooter at SG who can also defend. I would much rather see the Sixers take Kentavious Caldwell-Pope than Plumlee. I would also rather see them take Oladipo if he is around or even little big dog.

The Sixers are weak inside and have virtually no shot blocking. They aren't going to get Noel or Len without moving up but I wouldn't settle for Plumlee. I would even take Olynck over Mason because he is way more skilled even though he is only half the athlete. Their best bet might actually be to resign Bynum (to a team friendly deal) and draft a 2 or 3 like the guys I mentioned

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Would not be surprised

Would not be surprised if a team in the top ten became enamoured with him because of his physical attributes, sadly he's not very NBA ready for a 23-year old-senior sure he can hit jump shots and has a hook shot that is apparently "unblockable" but his game is mostly based around his athletic ability, if he had refinement to go along with the former he'd be a formidable pro and would already be in the mix. You can pretty much waive his rookie year due to it being his first professional season but he'll be expected to deliver big numbers after that, time won't be on his side if he shoots up the board like Wesley Johnson did in 2010, he'll be pressured to make an impact and show significant improvements each season because he'll begin to grow into his prime.

It's crazy when you think about it like that when guys like Noel, Smart, Len, Porter and Adams will be Plumlee's age in three years, think about the strides that they'll make. Of course, different types of potential but Plumlee must be able to contribute faster than most.

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