Plumlee brothers

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Plumlee brothers

I really like these two a lot. I've been impressed by both in summer league. They're high energy rebounders who are more athletic than they're given credit for. They're on two veteran teams that need that youthful rebounding off the bench. With Humphries and Hansbrough gone, BKN and Indy need rebounding and got great value for these two. Miles has a great opportunity and I think Mason will be the better pro eventually. They've really impressed and surprised me so far even though it's just summer league.

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I wouldn't say they are more

I wouldn't say they are more athletic than they are given credit for, especially miles. Miles stock rose massively after the combine when he posted and shown them insane hops and somehow manged to be a late 1st round due to this.

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I like them both. Mason

I like them both. Mason probably won't play much this season but Miles certainly has an opportunity to snag a few minutes this season.

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