Please Critique My 76ers/Warriors Trade Proposal

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Please Critique My 76ers/Warriors Trade Proposal

As everyone knows the Sixers need to trade Nerlens Noel. So how about this.

GSW: Noel, Thompson

Sixers: McCaw, Looney and 2020 first round pick.

I think this works for both teams. GS is definitely in a win now mode and Noel is one of the few easily available players that would improve their starting lineup.

Am I way off base? Thoughts?

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Won't Happen

As a 76er's fan, I would love this trade. Unfortunately, it won't happen. Golden State loves having the cheap, young talent with McCaw and Looney on rookie contracts. And the Sixers will have trouble getting anything of value in return for Noel since everyone knows he wants to be traded.

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Actually I can kind of see

Actually I can kind of see it. I realize GSW is overpaying a bit and could also see this being fair without Looney involved, but they have an excess of backcourt talent.

Most of the deals talked about on the internet to improve them would involve dealing Klay. I don't think they want to take that route even though Iggy can just slot in the lineup. A deal like this while hurting their future a bit gives them an interior presence who isn't just a rim protector, but also a perfect fit for their team in that he's able to run very well.

I'll admit I'm a Sixer fan. My opinion of Noel is that he never reached his full potential in Philly due to a poor fit around him in terms of floor spacing, a true distributor, playing him out of position, and using bigs who don't fit with him. We know about his defense, athleticism, and rebounding but I think he's got more offensive upside than we've seen that can get unlocked with a different fit around him.

I think this current Sixer team can get that unlocked if he comes back and doesn't have an attitude about the situation. Bayless, Henderson, Sergio, Covington(when he's on), Ilyasova, and Embiid are all guys that better fit Nerlens- though I don't know how Embiid and Nerlens would work defensively

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I've seen Looney twice this

I've seen Looney twice this year and he looked great both times. I knew they had a steal when they picked him. He's probably a PF, maybe a SF, and the Sixers really need SG's and PG's.

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Noel is on his contract year,

Noel is on his contract year, he'll get a max contract from any team who wants him. Durant can choose to opt out his second year and Curry is on his contract year and he will command around 30M/year.

The Warriors would basically be throwing away 3 valuable assets and kill their bench for a season's rental of Noel because you sure as hell are not going to choose to bring him back as priority over Durant and Curry.

The Warriors are already making great use of McGee as their rim protector. They also have Jones who will come back in a couple of months.

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I love McCaw. Add a pick and

I love McCaw. Add a pick and I'm in. He can do everything that Hollis, RoCo and Sauce can do rolled into one 3pt shooting, ball handling, perimeter defending machine.

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The 76ers should have taken

The 76ers should have taken McCaw with one of their late first round picks. If they don't regret it now, they likely will unless Furkan Kormaz is an absolute beast.

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i like furkan

Can see him playing a manu role on our team!

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GSW and Sixers

Every time I tune in to watch McCaw he is underwhelming. I would like to trade Noel to Toronto for Ross however.

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I don't think any of the two teams would benefit from that trade

GSW seem pleased with McCaw and need cheap young talent to surround their core. Even lesser talent like Looney are interesting to keep around. They also need fresh young blood that are kept enthusiastic when they are playing garbage time which happens considerably often with them, and give energy and humility to a team that could become too arrogant at times.

Philly on the contrary is seeking for more reliable veterans. Ersan Ilyasova's trade impact has shown that what the team needs is more confirmed vets to replace some of their young prospects: of course not the talented pieces, but the lesser ones. Bring in McCaw and Looney and you would look at two other rookies (I am considering Looney a rookie given the amount of games he has under his belt) in their mix, and possibly not better talents than the one they already have at their position ( Saric seems to me infinitely more talented and valuable than Looney. They picked Luwawu over McCaw at the draft, it was probably a mistake but I am skeptical on McCaw really getting more minutes than the frenchy there as well. I feel like Philly is trying as hard as they can to make Stauskas good, and are quite close to a success, with several very interesting games so far, Luwawu is paying that Stauskas push so far but he could very well end up being good. A la Evan Fournier who seemed snobbed at the beginning of his career and suddenly revealed himself when given the chance.

Do not forget that Philadelphia is also seeking a little more stability to check Brett Brown's ability to coach this team when having a team and PGs that do not change every minute.

I think the plan for both team is to wait for now.

I also think both team would welcome better an Iguodala- Nerlens/Jah trade.

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heard this one before, could

heard this one before, could be worse scenarios. I would rather see something done revolving around Noel to Phoenix and Knight to Philly

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Leave Noel alone!

As a Philly fan really hope they keep him. I understand that he'll be getting big money next year, but luckily for us Hinkie's got us in a position that we actually have amazing cap space next year (even though 40% of it will be going to Bayless & Henderson, thanks to mr. Colangelo).
If we get him our 48 mins at Center are set. Imagine the lock-down defense with Embiid in the starting 5 & Noel on the bench. 6ers would suffocate opposing teams.
He'd also work as a good insurance policy to Joel.
Okafor on the other hand is really the one that isn't working out. I don't think I need to elaborate on this and why he's the one that shouldn't still be here. He shouldn't even be taking Richaun's minutes.
In closing- Nerlens Noel is an amazing defender. He's only 22. He had 4th best DBPM in his rookie year. In his second year while playing out of position (as a PF) he still managed to be 8th in DBPM. His offense isn't good, and the Sixers still manage to play a more productive offense when he's on the court as appose to Okafor (this is mainly because the offense flows a lot better and Noel is very smart in the pick & roll. I just hope we don't look back one day in hindsight and regret not appreciating him enough, ala Andre Iguodala.

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I doubt he receives that big paycheck

I personally think that he might eventually stay a sixer.

Right now the plan is clearly not really to keep him around, but despite his decent to good reputation he is not a proven veteran, and he has had injuries, has not played or imposed himself in the sixers rotation this year and has whining issues (small ones). No team will give him big money for that. In fact I believe the team that has the biggest faith in him and his talent are the 76ers right now. If the celtics or any other team were ready to max him out they would have triggered a subpar deal in the summer, it's not like this was a deep draft (a team wearing green drafted an undersized stash & dash french guy at 16th overall, pretty significant of how talented this class was... Rookie performance so far this season tend to prove that with arguably 3 of the 5 best rookies being from other draft classes in Embiid, Saric and Harrison, and very few rookies with actual NBA roles).

If Noel is not traded before Simmons comes back, there is a significant chance he is a very good fit with Ben, good enough for the Colangelos to want to keep him, and maybe for him to want to stay (assuming a Jah trade is possible).

There are two very interesting teams with bad records so far this season: Washington and Phoenix.Both are very bad and competing for the #1 pick at the lottery eventually. Both have stacked back court when this draft class is called the PG class. When these two eventually settle for tanking, it's very possible they trade for one of Philly's big men, and quite possibly Jah given their current big men. That means they either will be ready to give up their guards or ready to accept deals involving their picks. I suspect something like Philly giving one of their lottery picks (theirs, Sacramento's or the Lakers's depending on the season) + Jahlil for a better lottery pick (#3&Jah for #1, #7 & Jah for #3... something like that). If a trade like that happens then I would not be surprised if the sixers sign Nerlens.

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