please comment on my mock

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I think Sixers have to take

I think Sixers have to take Evan Turner though and trade down if they really want Favors. I definitely see Patrick Patterson going in the lottery. I dont think Lance Stephenson or Stanley Robinsons falls that far.

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Interesting mock. Here's

Interesting mock.

Here's what stood out to me:

I don't think the Clippers will draft a big. They have Kaman and Griffin. That should be pretty formidable.
I'm just not sold on Bradley or Orton who you have going 13 and 14, respectively.
I doubt Portland is looking for a point. Bayless actually made some strides this year and Roy can handle the ball in a pinch.
I think Hayward will be gone by 23, but it's possible he isn't.
I'd be surprised if Ebanks slips to the second round.
In your comments on 46 you said Phoenix will draft Sherron Collins because Nash is old and Dragic is not very solid. I have to disagree on Dragic. He has had a fantastic year and played well in the playoffs.

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patterson, george and henry will probably be in the lottery. second you could add more comments.

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I was gonna give you a minus

I was gonna give you a minus for having the Sixers passing on Turner (which will not happen) But you redeemed yourself with the Raptors taking Bradley.

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