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Just wanted to start a topic for ideas on how to make the NBA playoffs more fair. With one conference being so much weaker than the other the best teams don't all get a chance to compete in the post season.

One possible solution would be to make it so that if a team in a conference (probably west) that isnt in the playoffs has a better record than a team in the other conference that is, then they have a one game (or maybe best of 3) series, winner gets in. So if the 9th place team in the west beats the 8th place team in the east they become the 8th seed in the eastern conference playoffs. The 8th place team that lost drops out but also slip into the lottery. Would be cool with the possibility of 2 teams from the same conference facing off in the finals.

A problem I can see with this is that it could be seen as unfair to make the conference's top seed travel to the other conference in the first round. Even though travel issues aren't near what this used to be in the past this is still a valid point, not sure what the solution would be.

Intersted in hearing feedback as well as other ideas.

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