Playoff Questions, Western Conference

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Playoff Questions, Western Conference

So I usually like to wait a little longer to draw up some of my own playoff predictions, and this year Im having trouble finding 8 decent times in both conferences, including the West. I think the Spurs, Dubs, Thunder, Rockets, Clips, Griz, and Pels all make it easily. The 8th seed is where I get confused. Blazers just lost so much talent, even with Lillard itll be hard to over come. Wolves, and Lakers just arent ready yet. Mavericks look terrible defensively after losing out on Jordan/Chandler. The Kings roster looks like a wash, even with Demarcus Cousins, they could be really good or a total train wreck as always. The Suns don't really impress me but I feel as though they may be the best of this bunch. Of course no one would be surprised if Utah grabbed the 8th seed either after improving every year. No idea what the Nuggets roster will look like by the start of the season so I wont comment on them. So who do you guys think the playoff teams will be? Id say the seven teams plus the Suns in my opinion. Heres my list with seeds...

1st - Spurs

2nd - Dubs

3rd - Thunder

4th - Clips

5th - Grizz

6th - Rockets

7th - Pels

8th - Suns

I'll post one of these about the Eastern conf if we get some good discussions going later

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