Players you were 100% wrong.about

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Players you were 100% wrong.about

Ok to be totally honest I was really wrong on a number of players

1 Zach Randolph.... I really dislike guys with character issues and early in his career especially when he was a Blazer, Zach got into tons of trouble... He has proved me wrong since becoming a Grizz, total transformation.

2.Adam Morrison, I stupidly assumed he was going to be a poor man's Larry Bird.

3. Kevin Love, I saw his body type and figured he would eat himself out of a job by now.

4. RodneyStuckey, I imagined him as being a rich man's Billups by now... Sadly he is more of a very poor man's version

5. D Howard, this is the last guy I ever expected to have character issues,the last year has proven that wrong.

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D Howard... The year he was

D Howard... The year he was drafted the Magic had just traded McGrady. Me and my buddy were saying how if the Magic had kept Mcgrady and drafted Okafor they would be great. Boy was I wrong.

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I thought Shane battier would

I thought Shane battier would become one of the best 2 way players in the league after his rookie season where he played great D and averaged a career high 14.2 ppg. I thought oj mayo would become the next Kobe cause I bought into his hype and his rookie year, I thought Andrew Bynum would never reach his potential seeing he couldn't stay healthy but now he is looking great, I thought that roddy beaubois would have a breakout season each year but he always gets hurt or just disappoints I've given up on him

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I thought Derrick Byars was a
  • I thought Derrick Byars was a future allstar with his all around game.
  • I was huge on Yi coming out having watched him in the Olympics prior to being drafted. I saw in him incredible skill and length and he didn't look as soft as he is.I thought #3 to Atlanta was where he was going to go instead of Horford.
  • I figured Noah would be a bust in the NBA, I didn't see enough offensive skill and thought he wasn't strong enough, but he has carved out a nice game and defensive impact player.
  • I thought Javarris Crittenton was an absolute steal and would be a star in the league as a PG with his size and quickness.
  • I thought Sean Williams would be a defensive POTY candidate.
  • I thought Orlando should go Okafor over Howard, I saw Okafor as a 12 rpg DPOTY guy yearly.
  • I thought Jarvis Hayes was going to turn into one of the top scorers in the league.
  • Steve Logan, Rod Grizzard, James White, and Omar Cook are all guys I thought would be great pro's.
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I thought Andray Blatche

I thought Andray Blatche would be an All-Star by now. Talent isn't the issue w/ him. It's just his work ethic. Dude is lazy as sht. Wasn't even in good enough shape to finish out the season. I'm hoping one of these days that he'll get his head out of his ass and get in tip-top shape, but it'll probably never happen. And even if it were to miraculously happen, sadly, it probably won't be in DC.

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I thought both Brandan Wright

I thought both Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph whould be stars by now

I thought Derrick Williams would explode out of the gate

I thought Jimmer was going to be good...

I didnt think Gallinari was going to be any good

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well jury is still out on

well jury is still out on tyler honeycutt and hopefully he gets a chance to play next year with the kings drafting a pf and letting donte green go. But unless he gets it going big time, i was all about pumping him up as the next big thing from ucla.

Ditto for jerome moiso. I always bring up moiso as one of the guys i was totally wrong about whenever these topics come up. He was 6-11, athletic and skilled. Could run the court and had a really smooth game with finnesse around the basket and could knock down the open 18 footer. He was a lotto pick and got a handful of chances from different teams for a couple years in the nba. But he just never did anything. I thought he was one of the best pro prospects i have ever seen coming out of ucla.

I thought yao ming would be a big dissapintment for houston. I figured he was hyped for bringing an asian fan base to america and that he was just gonna be another really tall guy who didnt adjust to the quick nba game. I knew why houston didnt take jay williams due to the fact that they had steve francis already at pg, but i fully thought jay will was the way to go and would be a peranial all-star while ming would be the next overhyped big man, But yao proved himself more then i could have guessed.

i was very critical of steph curry cmoing out of college and compared him to a rich mans eddie house. He still has work to do to prove himself in the league but he defenitely doesnt desere to be compared to house.

Now some guys I was right about. I know that is not what this thread is about, but im gonna throw a few out there anyway for good measure...

Mateen cleaves. I knew he wasnt anything special. He was given all this credit for being a winner in college, but at the end of the day, he was a pg who couldnt shoot and was average to sub par in every single aspect of the game. Before the draft all the publications were calling him a lotto pick and talking about how you cant measure winning, but i never saw it in him.

jrue holiday. he did nothing his freshman year, but my supporting him wasnt just about him being a ucla guy as there have been many ucla guys i havent been high on. But with him, i just knew that he needed the ball in his hands to excel, something he never saw at ucla playing alongside a senior darren collison who had just helped lead the bruins to 3 straight final 4's. Even in his mediocre year at ucla, jrue showed no real weaknesses and had tons of upside and i mentioned it a lot on this site.

shelden williams. I will never forget when i heard williams recieved a top 5 promise and pulled out of workouts prior to the draft. My expression was WTF???? He was never ever a top 5 caliber player but the hawks thought so.

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You and I

Both saw the Hawks were way off on Shelden Williams. I also forgot how much I liked tyrus Thomas and anthony Randolph when they were drafted... Neither has worked outso far.

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Ed O'Bannon I thought he

Ed O'Bannon I thought he would thrive in an uptempo offense coming out of UCLA but he didn't. In his professional career, O'Bannon said he "played for 12 different teams in at least six countries and for 15 different coaches. He averaged 20 pts and 8 rebs his last yr in college and won Most Outstanding player in the Tourney.

Michael Beasley though he's obviously still very young he seemed like a potential superstar.

Marvin Williams though I didn't buy into the crazy HOF hype I saw a very solid player coming out of UNC and he's been nothing but a let down.

Chris Wilcox I thought he'd have a solid pro career after some nice seasons at Maryland. He was a very athletic PF who could jump and I thought he'd be a lot better than Drew Gooden but obviously isn't.

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i was wrong

I was wrong about Beasley. I had just watched Kevin Durant dominate college and start tearing up the L, and I truly thought Beasley was set to do the same. For those who remember,Beasley was MORE dominant in college than even Durant statistically

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Hasheem Thabeet I expected

Hasheem Thabeet
I expected him to be DPOY by now,and I was stupid to think that

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Jason Williams aka White

Jason Williams aka White Chocolate - I thought Sacramento was one of the dumbest teams for picking this guy at #7 in the draft. I didnt think he would be more than a DEEP bench player who likely would never start or average double figures. Didnt know what they were thinking character wise because he had gotten kicked off Florida's B-Ball team. I was like "are you serious"??? While the 3 guys picked after him, Hughes, Dirk, and Pierce were all better, Williams did have a much better NBA career than I ever envisioned.

Joe Forte - I didnt necessarily think he was going to be great or be a star, but I was absolutely sure he would be at the very least on someone's bench in the NBA for many years because of his shooting ability. After 2 years, his NBA career was over!

Courtney Alexander - thought he would be a great pro. Hey, even MJ said that he thought Alexander would be an All-Star and was better than Rip Hamilton. Thats one of the reason's he got fired. LOL.

Carmelo - I thought he would be LBJ's main rival. I thought they would be the top 2 players battling for supremacy for years. I thought he was on the same tier as LBJ. So far, LBJ's rivals for best player supremacy have been Kobe naturally, KD, and even moreso than Melo....DRose. I dont think Melo will ever be a top 3 player in the league which I was almost positive he would be.

Raymond Felton - thought he shouldve went ahead of Deron Williams in the draft

Deron Williams - thought he shouldve went after Raymond Felton in the draft.

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i thought oj mayo would be

i thought oj mayo would be the best player in that 2008 draft class, he was a monster in high school

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I lose money on a Greg Oden

I lost money on a Greg Oden bet, I said he would be an all star by his 3rd year. Sadly he had the injuries. But I was wrong about Chris Paul, I thought he would be a solid player at best, not the all star he is now. Also I thought Eddy Curry would be the man in a couple of years of him being drafted, but he didn't the want.

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i though Beasley would be a

i though Beasley would be a superstar bigger better Melo..

I thought Ricky was nothing special at all and im from Europe..

I thought Aminu could be a future allstar

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from each draft 2005 Gerald

from each draft

2005 Gerald Green

2006 Hilton Armstrong

2007 Acie Law

2008 OJ Mayo

2009 Johnny Flynn

2010 Cole Aldrich

2011 Jimmer

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Russell Westbrook, even tho

Russell Westbrook, even tho im his biggest fan, I thought #4 was a reach for him, now if the 08 draft happened all over again him and D Rose would be neck and neck for #1 pick.

Michael Beasley I swear i thought he was going to be a superstar by now, he has the talent but he's too much of a headcase.

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i thought

i thought
Hasheem thabeet would be a poor mans dikembe mutombo

adam morison would be an all star

monroe would be a bust

thought oden would not be injured and was a tank and would be a monster all star

thought kwame would be an all star

thought MJ would go no 1 in his draft

thought KD would go no 1

thought kobe would go atleast top 5 in the draft

guess i was wrong in all of thoose things huh lol

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thought hasheem thabeet would

thought hasheem thabeet would seriously average like 4 blocks a game.

thought jimmer fredette was gonna avergae like 12-14 this year.

thought beasley would be one of the best players in the league by now.

thought danilo was the worst pick for the knicks.

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randy foye

I thought Randy Foye would be similar to what james harden is now.

I thought Al Thornton was gonna be really good, now he's in Spain

I also thought Lance Stephenson was a diamond in the rough

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well you should see ryan

well you should see ryan hollins 7footer with 41inch vert play pickup games in LA , he tricked me.

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i thought kyrie would be a

i thought kyrie would be a bust

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Blake Griffin-Thought he was

Blake Griffin-Thought he was 16 and 8 at best, then he goes for 20 and 12 as a rookie.

Kevin Love-Thought he was going to be a 12 and 10 guy who gives you no defense at all. Well now he's 25 and 14 and at least trying hard on D.

Darius Washington Jr.-Thought he was going to be an All Star and that everyone was insane for not seeing his talent.

Jerryd Bayless-Thought he would be what Kyrie was this past season.

Donte Green-Thought he would eventually put it all together and be a 20 ppg scorer.

Thabeet- Thought he would be an great defender and eventually get to around 14 ppg.

Ricky Rubio-Thought he was way too reckless and couldn't score well enough, wrong on both.

Deron Williams-Laughed when he went ahead of Chris Paul and thought it was a horrible pick. Although Paul has always been better then D-Will he certainly was a great pick at #3.

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