Players that you miss watching

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Players that you miss watching

Here's my list. Aside from Jordan and Francis, it's in no specific order at all:

1) Michael Jordan

2) Steve Francis

3) Allan Houston

4) Allen Iverson (In his prime)

5) Jason "White Chocolate" Williams (Sac)

6) Chris Webber (Sac)

7) Shawn Kemp

8) Gary Payton

9) Mitch Richmond

10) Kerry Kittles

11) Peja Stojakovic (Sac)

12) Eddie Jones

13) Penny Hardaway

14) Tim Hardaway

15) Alonzo Mourning

16) Quincy Douby (While he was at Rutgers)

17) Jay Williams (Duke)

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Iverson Jordan Francis Young

Young KG

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Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway

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MJ Magic Jason Williams when

Jason Williams when he was younger
Gary Payton
Shawn Kemp
A young Iverson
Dominique Wilkins
Dr. J
J-Kidd in Jersey
Vinsanity when he was Vinsanity
Dennis Rodman
Muggsy Bogues

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OJJ with the great posts. 1)

OJJ with the great posts.

1) The 1990s Knicks (I know not a player, but as a knicks fan all I ask for is a good team again)
2) MJ
3) Dominant Shaq
4) Ben Wallace
5) Stephon Marbury (I hated his ego and everything, but the way he played as an individual was amazing)
6) Chris Webber
7) Gary Payton
8) Shawn Kemp
9) Charles Barkley
10) Mitch Richmond

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im just 18 started watching

im just 18 started watching ball like for like 8 years now and White chocolate might have been one of the most exciting people ive seen ever. he was like bob cousy soo reckless but paid off

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any seattle supersonic

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GSW Baron Davis

GSW Baron Davis

the I in win
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The Gary Payton and Shawn

The Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp combo, and Allen Iverson.

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3.A younger Shaq
4.Dr. J...........Y'all young guys dont nutting bout creative dunking
5.Dominique Wilkens
6.Dennis Rodman
7.Larry Bird
8.Isiah Thomas
9.A young Vince Carter
10.Charles Barkley
11.Baron Davis playing wit Golden State
12.Young Jason Kidd

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Vince Carter in his

Vince Carter in his prime

Reggie Miller in his prime (SUPER CLUTCH)

Jason Williams(When he was flashy)

Mike Jordan

Tracy McGrady(Prime)

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tons. Lots of guys that were

tons. Lots of guys that were fun to watch. I might sound like an old man rehashing some of these names but here i go:

Nick Van Exel-nick the quick was the man. Broke you off and had the swagger of a guy who had won multiple titles.

The Glove-in his prime, he was th ebst pg i have ever seen. He would lock up the other teams best gaurd and then give 20+ at the other end. He was nasty.

Rex Chapman-he took shots that were silly. Falling down, fading away. Would dunk on you if you fell asleep. Rex was one of the quickest guns ever.

Reggi Miller-nothing was funner then watching reggie in the polayoffs in close games. He lived for those moments.

Jason WIlliams(sac town days)-as exciting as it gets. If you watched ball back then, you were talking about JWill on the regular. He stole the show.

Jason Kidd(first time with mavericks)-young kidd was a breath of freh air for the league and would grab the rebound and go coast to coast and throw silly passes. He got better in new jersey, but he was at his most exciting in dallas.

Penny-first jersey i ever bought. Penny had all the tools to be near MJ status. Injuries screwed all us fans over.

Larry Johnson(charlotte version)-Grandmama was a beast Dropping jumpers dunking on dude, and just had more skills then damn near any pf out there. Another guy slowed down by injuries.

Karl Malone-one of my all time favorites It brings joy to me that he retired a Laker. He was so much more then just a banger. Passing, shooting, running the court with his knees up high. The Mailman should be watched by everyone.

Charlie Sheen
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Allen Iverson of

Allen Iverson of course
Sebastian Telfair in High School
Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp combo
Mark Jackson
GSW in playoff run
Reggie Miller vs the Knicks
Allan Houston
Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan were sooo dominant
Penny Hardaway
Tim Hardaway

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Kevin Pittsnogle... I guess

Kevin Pittsnogle...

I guess its because Im a WVU fan but something about a 6'11 guy that can stroke better than Jenna Jamison enticed me.. When he nailed a three in a guys face, that man had forever been "PITTSNOGLED!!!" When he drifted into the paint, you knew that nothing was going to happen.. Also, this guy is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen.. I miss seeing his big, slow body, sludge up and down the court and rain the three ball at close to 40 percent... Gah... Good times...

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gs with baron davis kings vs

gs with baron davis
kings vs lakers
bulls with rodman
kevin johnson

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undersized Tough Guys

Charles Oakley - Everytime he gets whistled, he'd be like "Where's the foul!!!???)

Donyell Marshall (Bulls/ Raptors version) - Big guy whole rains it down from 3 and can play solid d? OHHH yeah

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How bout Baron Davis with the

How bout Baron Davis with the Charlotte Hornets. Just sayin

To me it just seems like TNT games are different now. Back in the day the games on NBA TNT were epic. Maybe its because I was young and didnt know better, but those games seemed to actually mean something.

Player wise I miss watchin

Allen Iverson with the 76ers
Tracy Mcgrady with the Magic
Dekembe Mutombo
KG with the Wolves- that patented fade away baseline j is still workin (hey Antawn Jamison!!)
Jason Kidd with the Nets
Rasheed Wallace with the blazers- I hated the Blazers, but gall Sheed could score inside. Those were the days before he completely forgot how to be 6'11

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Latrell Sprewell

Latrell Sprewell

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Shaun Livingston - Always so

Shaun Livingston - Always so exciting watching him bringing the ball up
Allen Iverson
Reggie Miller
Lakers Shaq - eventhough I hated him and the Lakers(and still do) that man was absolutely unstoppable in the post
Bruce Bowen.

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Shaun Livingston - Always so

Shaun Livingston - Always so exciting watching him bringing the ball up
Allen Iverson
Reggie Miller
Lakers Shaq - eventhough I hated him and the Lakers(and still do) that man was absolutely unstoppable in the post
Bruce Bowen.

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Keith Van Horn

Keith Van Horn

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Michael Jordan--- I will always miss the Bulls' glory days... and the GOAT along with his partner Scottie Pippen...

Vince Carter--- When he played for the Raptors...

Mookie Blaylock!!!!

Marcus Fizer when he was with the Bulls....

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good topic

i miss the old tracy mcgrady, the old baron davis, penny hardaway, grant hill,and the college jj redick

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Penny Hardaway before

Penny Hardaway before injuries

Chris Webber

Gary Payton

Glen Rice

Michael Finley Dallas days

Charles Barkley


Charles Oakley

Gerald Green when on Boston

Jason Williams Kings days

Walt Williams with his ugly shot that went in

Dale and Antonio Davis



There are so many

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a lot

many of my pro guys were already said so I will get in some guys that didnt really make it big or at all as pros that were bad ass in college

anderson hunt....unlv
jay edwards....indiana
jimmy king......michigan
doug gottlieb....ok state
drew barry.....g tech
derron sheffer.....uconn
tyson wheeler.....rhode island
khalid el amin....uconn
lou roe.....umass
adrian autry......syracuse
part deux forthcoming

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