Players you love seeing get tortured by your favorite player...

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Players you love seeing get tortured by your favorite player...

Just a random thought guys... Who are the players you love seeing get tortured by your favorite player?

I have Brandon Jennings at the top of my list... With Derrick Rose as my favorite player, I just love seeing this guy being handed his lunch and dinner every game during the last 2 seasons... It all started during Jennings' rookie season when he went on a scoring outburst, which included a 55-point explosion in his 7th game as an NBA player, people started saying that he could be better than Derrick Rose... Rose was playing poorly during the first couple of months in the 2009-2010 regular season due to a high ankle sprain and there were guys already writing him off...

Ever since then, when the Bucks and Bulls play against each other, I always look at the stat point between these two and love seeing how Derrick Rose torture Brandon Jennings.. Including that buzzer beating win on March 8, 2012 where Rose drained his shot right in the face of Brandon Jennings.. ha! That was freakin' awesome...

who are your players?

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That is a good one

Seems like Rose has indeed tended to get the better of Jennings pretty hardcore:

Mine has recently been LeBron James against Paul Pierce. In the early days, it used to be kind of a close match-up. The past few years, LeBron has absolutely annihilated him. Look particularly at the past two play-off series:

Even with LeBron's famously poor play-off series against the Celtics in 2010, he made Pierce pretty much a non-factor besides Game 5. I give Paul Pierce a lot of credit and if you want to see a player he has played very well against, look no further than Carmelo Anthony (, just kind of love seeing LeBron completely owning him as of late.

Here are a few other match-ups I love the dynamic of as opposed to seeing someone getting burned. Just a few that come to mind that had maybe a different outcome than one might rank in the grand scheme of things.

  • Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams: Has gotten much closer as of late, though the W-L record is 13-4 in D-Will's favor. His size seems to bother Paul and he has shot incredibly efficiently in their match-up, whereas Paul is well below his usual level.

  • Dwight Howard vs. Yao Ming: Love bring this one up. Know that Yao is of course retired and he may not have been as "statistically consistent" as Dwight (probably due to a tendency of playing fewer minutes), still used to crush DH. Yao used to have fits with Yao's size and skill level, also had a very tough time scoring on him even close to his normal rate. One can only wonder how things would be if Yao did not have chronic foot issues.

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Yao could have easily been

Yao could have easily been one of the best centers had he been healthy throughout his career...i thought he was also very underrated as a superstar as well

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I loved Dwight vs. OKC before

I loved Dwight vs. OKC before they got Kendrick Perkins; I remember a 40-20-10 (or something like that) game.

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Deep down as much as I love Westbrook game, i can easily say I love seeing him get flamed. It throws him off his game and he just tries to one up his opp each time.

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I love watching Kevin Love

I love watching Kevin Love vs. Blake Griffin. I loved it last year when KLove hit that game winner at Staples Center.

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I love

Watching Pek Vs. Cousins. Many htought Twolves should have drafted Cousins over Wes (which is now obvious), but I like seeing Pek man handle Cousins.

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@marcusfizer21 I have enjoyed the same torturing you enjoy now since they've been in high school. Check this out

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The black mamba vs Ruben Patterson (aka Kobe stopper)

That game kobe hit vs the Blazers 2 3pointers in his face with seconds left.

After that game the kobe stopper disappeared forever.

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Although Shane Battier isn't

Although Shane Battier isn't my favorite player, I loved watching him and Kobe go at it in his Rocket days.

Boy did he make Kobe work hard for his points

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loved timmy going off on dmc

this year when cousins shot off at the mouth too timmy d then duncan scores 6 straight in his face show sum respect young fellow

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D Will vs. CP3

As a Jazz fan, I loved back in the day when D Will and CP3 would meet, still one of the best positional matchups in the game. I'd love to see the Nets and Clips in the Finals one year, it'd be great for their rivalry.

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@ baggin13, when has Pek ever

@ baggin13, when has Pek ever manhandled Cousins? I'm pretty sure he dominates Pek and any big the Wolves have thats not Kevin Love

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Happened once last season

Pek had 23 and 10, Cousins 10 and 11, T-Wolves win. Hardly a spectacular rivalry at this point and that is really the only stand out game, did happen though.

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I like watching melo torch

I like watching melo torch Shane battier, every since melo dropped 52 on him with Denver

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Kobe against JR Smith. Dude

Kobe against JR Smith. Dude tries to get right up Kobe grill only to get burned. The way he reacts by jumping around &$#%#&@!in is just priceless. The man is seriously shocked that the refs aren't doing ANYTHING to help his cause defensively.

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