Players before their time...Random List in no order...

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Players before their time...Random List in no order...

A nice little list of mine of players who, if playing in today's game and generation, would definitely thrive in the NBA. A couple are still balling, but I mean more of them in the prime and beginning of their careers.

Kenny Anderson
Michael Ray Richardson
Jamaal Mashburn
Vin Baker
Shawn Kemp
Cedric Ceballos
Lamond Murray
Rod Strickland
Derrick Coleman
Mitch Richmond
Terrel Brandon
Latrell Sprewell
Allan Houston
Chris Webber
Grant Hill
Penny Hardaway
Darius Miles
Sebastian Telfair (had he came with the NBA Age Limit, he would be solid)
Steve Francis

**I guess you could also say that this is a list of players who didnt pan out because of injuries, systems, off-court issues, attitude, etc.**

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I don't really understand.

I don't really understand. Some of these guys like Richmond and Houston had very successful careers and would be the same level of star in today's game.

I think a player like elgin Baylor or Tiny Archibald were ahead of their time. So was Rick Barry who would have loved the 3 pt. line. Others include:

Pete Maravich
Spencer Haywood
Calvin Murphy

These guys to name a few would have thrived in today's game even better than in their day.

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was definitely before his prime. he had that amazing high school career and that sick movie. had he gone 2 louisville i think petino would have had him more prepared 4 the league. also think gerald green could have waited a lil longer

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