Players with identical skill sets/Comparisions

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Players with identical skill sets/Comparisions

Are there a couple of players in the NBA whom are similar in skill set and roles on their teams?

Personally, here are my reflections:

KOBE BRYANT = DWAYNE WADE- Before Gasol & Co. came to the Lake show and teamed with Kobe Bryant, you had a similar situation in which Dwayne Wade was in LAST YEAR. HE WAS THE MIAMI HEAT'S 1st, 2nd, and 3rd OPTION!

KEVIN DURANT = DIRK NOWITZKI- Two legit 6'11 to 7 footers whom possess the scoring prowess and shooting skills of an NBA 2-Guard. They both are the franchise and put up huge numbers on a nightly basis.

RAJON RONDO = RUSSELL WESTBROOK- While playing alongside great players (Durant on OKC), these athletic and long point guards have emerged as their own over the past year. Defensive minds and the ability to use blazing speed and accurate passing (MORE W/ RONDO).

STEVE NASH = STEPHEN CURRY- Two play-making guards who can kill you with adept passing and an outstanding shooting strokes.

JAMAAL CRAWFORD = LAMAR ODOM- Two players who are completely different, but anchor the bench of their respective contenders! Their teams come and go as they do, if each are playing at an outstanding level at all aspects of the game, their teams arguably the hardest to beat.

LEBRON JAMES = TYREKE EVANS- These two players are great by dominating the ball with PG like roles. They can easily slide to this position, but they play on the floor with others they may actually run the position (Evans exception). Their great all-around play, penetration, slashing, and power make them special franchise athletes (well not LeBron

CHRIS PAUL = DERON WILLIAMS- Two of the best at their position in the NBA! Facilitators, pure shooters, quickness, there is nothing that these lead guards can't do for their teams. Each are the face of their franchises and ironically were picked behind each other.

TIM DUNCAN = PAU GASOL- Two players playing with great wings (Bryant & Ginobili). Each are highly advanced in skill despite being 7 footers. They both have experience playing alongside other good big men (Bynum & Robinson). Complement their teams well.

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