Players to fill out roster this year

These players should get an immediate offer if they do in fact get cut by their respective teams:
Garrett Temple- he is basically what we thought we were getting (and OKC got last year) from Thabo Sefolosha. Can guard 1-3 and handle the ball in a pinch. Jumpshot has become respectable out to 3.

Patty Mills/Armon Johnson- unless the Blazers can dump Fernandez without taking anyone back, one of these two will be cut. Both would be GREAT 3rd sting PGs and Armon has the size to play next to Rose for spot minutes. Armon also has the potential to develop into a starter someday (not for us, but would be great trade bait). Patty Mills might be a little redundant with CJ Watson, but you pretty much need three guys on your roster who can play point anyway.

Willie Warren- Lottery talent with true combo guard size and skills. Wouldn't have thought there was much of a chance he wouldn't make the Clips, but apparently they are wavering on whether to keep him or not. I can't imagine him not making the rotation if he were to make his way to Chicago.

Jarvis Varnado- Why the Heat would sign Dexter Pittman before Varnado is beyond me. If Sean Williams (BC shot blocker) wasn't such a rock head he'd still be a rotation player for the Nets. Jarvis may not be as thick/strong as Williams was, but he is much smarter on the floor and actually rebounds and guards on the ball, not just swat shots (which I think Jarvis will do better than Sean anyway).

Ben Uzoh- 6'3" elite level athlete who played the 1 in college but can be a combo in the league. New Jersey will probably keep him, but if they don't we could definately use him.

Players to invite to camp:
Mac Koshwol
Micah Downs
Chas McFarland
Russell Robinson

Free Agent to consider:

Josh Heytvelt- still don't understand how he isn't on an NBA roster. Think he could give us everything Brad Miller did last year while shooting better percentages.

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Why miami chose shavlik

Why miami chose shavlik randolph over jarvis varnado astonishes me.

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Currently eight teams are

Currently eight teams are over the tax, which remains a dollar-for-dollar penalty one last year. Next season, it becomes a graduated tax, which should dramatically change how teams spend money long-term.

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