Players the Dallas Mavericks should target from every team (updated)

First off, let me start by saying that I am not posting a trade thread, but rather players the Mavs should target via trade or free-agency. So, I will not place any trades.

Eastern Conference:

ATL- Jeff Teague---smart, athletic point guard. Much needed for Mavs.

BOS- Jeff Green and/or 17th pick---Green is a decent player. Not a 1st or 2nd scoring option. Could be a decent 3rd scoring option. The Mavs would also like a pick in the 1st round.

BKN- Marquis Teague and/or Paul Pierce---Teague is developing, but much like Jeff Teague. Pierce is Pierce. No explanation needed.

CHA- Kemba Walker, Bismack Biyombo, and/or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist---Walker is not much of a facilitator, but would score and set up Dirk. Biyombo helps low post defense, while MKG is a perimeter defender.

CHI- Taj Gibson and/or DJ Augustin---Gibson should have started and while he would have trouble playing the 5, he could hold down the defense. Augustin is a scoring guard with passing abilities.

CLE- Luol Deng and/or Jarrett Jack- Deng fits the mold of what Dallas needs at the 3, and Jack was a nice combo guard when he played with Stephen Curry.

DET- Kyle Singler---Not much to like about what DET has to offer. Singler can shoot though.

IND- Ian Mahinmi and/or CJ Watson---Mahinmi should have never left and he is a decent center that could shore up their defense. Watson is a playoff player. Doesn't play well in the regular season, but was good in the playoffs a few years ago.

MIA- Mario Chalmers and/or Greg Oden---I like Chalmers. He has championship experience, and shooting abilities. Would need time to prove himself, and could be a cheap pick-up. Oden is decent when he is healthy.

MIL- Ramon Sessions and/or John Henson---Sessions is great on a winning team. Henson is a cheaper version of Sanders.

NYK- Toure' Murry and/or Tyson Chandler---Chandler would be nice to have back, but he is old. Murry played well at the end of the season.

ORL- Nikola Vucevic and/or Mo Harkless---Vucevic is a monster and could take over for Dirk. Vucevic could use his underused midrange game. Harkless is all about potential.

PHI- James Anderson---Again, not much to like, but Anderson had his moments.

WAS- Marcin Gortat---Gortat is a well-rounded player. He plays some defense, and rebounds. He would fit well next to Dirk.

Western Conference:

DEN- JaVale McGee---The Nuggets must be disappointed after signing McGee to a 44 million/4yr deal. However, McGee has huge measurements, and if the Mavs aquired McGee, and develop his maturity, they would have a top post defender.

GSW- Harrison Barnes and/or Festus Ezeli---Barnes is in an unfair situation. He was drafted to start, but now is on the bench. A change of scenery may be the best for him. Barnes would be a nice, cheap fit for the Mavs. Ezeli was injured for the whole season, and should be a cheap asset. Ezeli is a developing defender.

HOU- Omer Asik and/or Chandler Parsons---Asik would be a win now move. He is a great post defender (he shut down LaMarcus Aldridge). Parsons would be a nice, but expensive pick up. But if the Rockets want to go all in for 'Melo, Parsons will become expendable.

LAC- Matt Barnes---Barnes is a tough player and good teammate. Barnes would be a nice piece on a contender.

LAL- Kent Bazemore---Bazemore is more fun to watch on the bench than when he plays, but he does have some skills as a combo guard.

MEM- Tony Allen and/or Kosta Koufos---Allen is a great perimeter defender, but his athleticism is slowing down. Koufos is an undervalued big man with defensive skills.

MIN- Gorgui Dieng and/or Alexey Shved---Dieng is a smart defender and would be a nice starter for the Mavs. Shved could develop to be an efficient combo guard.

NOP- Jeff Withey and/or Brian Roberts---not much that the Pelicans can offer.

OKC- Reggie Jackson and/or Perry Jones III---Jackson wants to start and will want money. Mavs can give both. I personally like PJ3.

PHX- Emeka Okafor, Alex Len, and/or Miles Plumlee---Okafor would be a smart pickup as he can still be a franchise changing defender, if healthy. Plumlee would provide an athletic body down low, and could take on the bigger matchups. Len still has bucket loads of talent and potential. The Suns may not see that way, but Len could potentially be a great center. Imagine Brook Lopez if he develops correctly.

POR- Meyers Leonard---Not much tradable players on the Blazers, except Leonard. Leonard is in the same situation as Len, underwhelming. He could still be a good center, but more like a backup.

SAC- Jason Terry---Bringing back Terry would be nice. He would provide much needed offense off the bench. He could play the point or the 2 with Carter at the 2 or 3.

SAS- Danny Green---Green is a product of the San Antonio Spurs. So he may not be what we all think he is. However, he does shoot well, and plays good team defense. Could be an asset.

UTH- Enes Kanter, Richard Jefferson, and/or Rudy Gobert---If the Jazz go with a big man this draft, they will look to trade Kanter. Kanter is still young and talented. He may fit into a different system. Jefferson is a smart, scoring veteran. Gobert is huge. 7’1” maybe 7’2” with a 7’9” wingspan. Obviously a project, but he did show flashes last year.

Thank everyone who comments. If you have questions, comment. I will reply......maybe.

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UTH- Gordon Hayward

You missed Gordon Hayward. He will be a RF and it wouldn't surprise me for a team like Dallas to make a play for him. On a team like Dallas he would be great. So long as he isn't the #1 option, he could be really good. And Cuban might structure a deal to pay for him... But I also think the Jazz have the flexability to match whatever comes their way so maybe that's why you didn't include him?

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Yeah, I did miss him. I was

Yeah, I did miss him. I was imaging him as a 2 and not a 3. If Hayward plays the 2, the Mavs should stay away from him, but if he will play the 3, then that may work. The team would give up a lot of points on the wing though. They would need to trade Calderon or Ellis for a perimeter defender.

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