Players in the 2014 mock who could enter this year

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Players in the 2014 mock who could enter this year

So I've noticed some interesting prospects listed in the 2014 mock and not the 2013 mock. If this year's class is so down and next years so deep would't some of these guys go to this year's draft?

Guy's that are listed for 2014 that could enter in 2013, where do you think they would go?

Spencer Dinwiddie SO
AJ Hammons FR
Alex Poythress FR
Dwight Powell JR
Allen Crabbe JR
Gary Harris FR
Andre Hollins SO
Kyle Anderson FR
Jerian Grant SO
CJ Wilcox JR
Gorgui Dieng JR (Pitino said he is entering and was celebrated at UofL's Senior day)

there are plenty of others, and I'm not knocking anyone for putting these guys in 2014 not 2013, since nothing becomes official until end of April.

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Alex Poythress -

Alex Poythress - Lottery
Dwight Powell - late 1st-round
Allen Crabbe - mid-late 1st-round
Gary Harris - Lottery
Kyle Anderson - late 1st or early 2nd
Jerian Grant - 2nd-round
Gorgui Dieng - late 1st-round

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Im a big fan of Spencer

Im a big fan of Spencer Dinwiddie, I really think he should declare this year, because I think he would fall to a better team, where he could develop in to a really nice piece over his first two or three years. I think this would be better then him returning and getting picked in the top 15 and being thrust into a starter, sixth man sort of position. A team like the Pacers, Bulls, OKC, San Antonio, LAC, or any other number of contenders could really find a gem in him if they pick him up in the 20's of this draft, and let him develop behind starting quality guards. With a bit of muscle, a little work on his jump shot, and continued work to improve his already above average handle and passing ability, I think he could be a lot like Manu Ginobli or Brandon Roy, a two guard who can do a little bit of everything, deceptively athletic, smooth inbetween game, solid jump shooter, and great handle. If he declares this year, I think in a few years we will be looking back at him as the steal of this draft.

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Hollins would go mid-late

Hollins would go mid-late 1st, but he also has a lot he needs to improve on.

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Someone like AJ Harmmons

Someone like AJ Harmmons would surely be a mid to late first rounder if he declared this year, the guy is a work in progress but he is 7ft 280lbs and I always remember the Larry Bird quote about when they drafted big Roy Hibbert, "he'll still be 7ft 2ins at the end of the game". So teams looking for an upside big man would surely consider the likes of Harmmons.

Dinwiddie would also be a likely lottery guy if he went this year if Aran's mocks reflect his upside. The guy is 9th in a loaded 2014 draft and already being a college Sophomore would be fairly NBA ready and that name alone should get him drafted.

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I guess technically he isn't

I guess technically he isn't in the 2014 or 2013 mock right now but I feel like Jakkar Sampson is someone who could come out and sneak into the lottery. Long, athletic, strong (despite his frame) and a good defender, he has quite a bit in common with Moe Harkless other than the obvious; size, school and being named Big East freshman of the year.

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