player you want your team to select in upcoming draft.

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player you want your team to select in upcoming draft.

What player do you want your team to pick in this draft?
Me I want The Wizards to pick Muhammad. I think he still is one of better prospects in this class. I think he chose wrong school and paid for it. I still think he can score in the NBA and with the wizard already having beal and Webster to spot up shoot Muhammed will be a nice additional slasher either of the bench or at the 3.

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I want my Nuggets to pick up

I want my Nuggets to pick up Allen Crabbe, may be a small reach but I think he'd fit in well.

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i want the Kings to pick Trey

i want the Kings to pick Trey Burke
trade J.Fredette; re-sign T.Douglas (for defensive purposes)
use amnesty on J.Salmons then sign C.Brewer

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otto porter...if not cody zeller

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my knicks pick in the

my knicks pick in the 20's.21st i think.we need help wishlist would be larkin,wolters,mitchell,or erick green

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McLemore/Oladipo or trade down and get KCP and Saric

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I'm also really high on Allen crabbe and would be happy to see him go at 16 to celtics

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why would the pistons want zeller? personally, im rooting for porter, Shabazz, mclemore and burke..... two months ago I wouldn't have said burke but he has really grown on me as a prospect

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for the Jazz I would want

for the Jazz I would want Dennis Schroeder w/ the 14th pick, Tony Mitchell/Steven Adams with the 21st and with the 46 Mike Muscala/Reggie Bullock

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The wiz

Not sure I want Shabazz. There are some character questions and I don't think the team wants to go down that road again.
I'd love to get a pick high enough for Porter, although with the wiz' luck in the draft, that's not likely. Wouldn't mind getting Anthony Bennett, in that case.

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Magic. I want Mclemore. If we

Magic. I want Mclemore. If we get dropped to #3 or later I would be happy with Trey Burke.

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At 17 and 18, would love for them to take Rudy Gobert and Giannis Adetokoubo. I have been really high on Gobert, he isn't just big and long, but he has above average athleticism and a jumpshot out to the top of the key. Once he really learns the game, he can be really good. Giannis Adetokoubo I have only heard posters rave about him on here. Thing is, a few weeks ago, I thought Gobert was definitely available at our picks and Giannis Adetokoubo not, but now it seems reverse. Gobert is just climbing up and Im afraid he wont be there when we come around to pick. Giannis Adetokoubo looks like he has cooled off, but word is he has a promise somewhere.

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If Hawks can't package their

If Hawks can't package their two first rounders to get Trey Burke, then Tony Mitchell and Steven Adams would be my two picks.

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Isn't Jeff Teague good enough?
Trey Burke is good but he is unproven.

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Them going after Trey Burke

Them going after Trey Burke was pure speculation. Hawks interviewed Trey at the combine and there was a report they wanted to move up for a player they thought to be vauable. In regards to Jeff, he is a very good PG and I don't think he has reached the ceiling as far as his career goes. However, I think Ferry wants a true leader to start off the rebuild this summer, and with Josh probably leaving Trey and Al could step in as immediate leaders of the team something Jeff won't develop into his game as good as he has become.

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I want OKC to take Steven Adams with their 12th pick, a defensive minded center, who can contribute on the offensive end with tip ins, offensive rebounding then putting back, pick and roll finishing and even a pick and pop player because of his jumpshot. I believe that if the Thunder could stick with him they could pick up a dominant center in the league and become an absolute upright contender with a line up in three years time of:

For the sake of the post we will state that Westbrook and Durant will be in the midst of their prime in 3 years, and they have held onto Sefolosha and Kevin Martin and they still have the same impact they currently have today.

PG: Russell Westbrook
SG: Thabo Sefolosha
SF: Kevin Durant
PF: Serge Ibaka
C; Steven Adams

6th Man: Kevin Martin

I believe that they could be the championship team in a few years time if Adams developed into a dominant centre in the league, and Durant and Westbrook stick together at OKC. At the very least, Adams is going to be a rich mans Kendrick Perkins, setting solid screens and rebounding, but Adams upside is incredible and has much more to offer on the offensive end then Perkins.

This frontcourt would be a force to be reckoned with, Ibaka and Adams would both dominate defensively and cause major problems for teams to score down low. And if they both develop great offensive games they could become the best frontcourt in the league in a few years time.

Just my two cents, what do you guys think of this?

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That would be an absolute steal for OKC if they land adams, len or even maybe gobert. As for my team, len or noel would be ideal

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I would like to see my Bulls

I would like to see my Bulls trade up for Adams to prevent this from happening. Thats what I think about that proposition.

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Tony Mitchell for Boston at

Tony Mitchell for Boston at 16.

Memphis Madness
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I think the Kings could use

I think the Kings could use Trey Burke too. Same with the Pistons. A leader at point guard who can give your team
an identity.

At 41 I want guys who probably won't be there: Reggie Bullock or Glen Rice. Other than that, Kenny Kadji or Peyton Siva.
Siva especially if we can't resign Bayless.

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Tony Mitchell C.J. Leslie

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Lakers ....

Lakers - Ray McCallum, Myck Kabongo, or Pierre Jackson. That's in no specific order but the more I study him, the more I am leaning towards Pierre Jackson.

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I really hope Caldwell-Pope

I really hope Caldwell-Pope falls to my Bulls, but I'm not very optimistic. I could see them taking Hardaway Jr. or Rice Jr.. Or even possibly a big, Withey/Dieng/Plumlee/Adams (whichever available). KCP is the guy I want though.

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Phoenix Suns - Somehow get

Phoenix Suns - Somehow get Nerlens Noel... Highly doubtful though, with my luck they get Bennett or trade the pick for Kurt Thomas and cash considerations again.

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My Bucks

I hope my Bucks take Giannis Adetokunbo from Greece... He's 6'9" and can play PG all the way to PF and he's just 18...

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CJ McCollum - no one on the Timberwolves can shoot the three. McCollum is one of the best scorer in this year's draft class.

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They still have Ridnour and

They still have Ridnour and Budinger. Love will be back stronger after he fully recovers. Personally as a Wolves fan, I would prefer Shabazz and Dieng as their two first round picks. But I doubt Dieng would last until 26, so instead of him, maybe Shane Larkin as our little spark plug on offense to replace Barrea maybe?

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NYK: Lorenzo Brown At 6'5 and

NYK: Lorenzo Brown

At 6'5 and a pass first big point guard he can learn from Jason Kidd and back up Felton and finally be the starting guard. He reminds me of Grevias Vasquez but a little more athletic and better defensively. With Mike Woodson's system he can really flourish.

Second Opinion would be Gorgui Deng

Third would be Tim Hardaway Jr

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I'm not big on Brown...But

I'm not big on Brown...But with that said I really want the NYK to draft Gorgui or Hardaway...I think those two players will fit well with the team... But I think both of them will be gone by the time we pick...

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Detroit Pistons

Detroit - Trey Burke or Otto Porter but definitely NOT Shabazz, Zeller or Noel.

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Would love for the Bulls to

Would love for the Bulls to get Hardaway Jr or Caldwell-Pope at 20. I think in the 2nd round they'll be able to find a capable reserve big man to provide defense.

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The Jazz need a point guard

The Jazz need a point guard and if they don't resign Big Al or Milsap they will need a 3rd big. My preference at the point is Larkin, then Schroder, then MCW, as a 3rd big Tony Mitchell is intriguing, strong and powerfull looking, explosive, good rebounder, can even play alittle 3. Plumblee, Olynik, Dieng, and Adams are possiblities. Adams looked good at the combine.
The other player I'm really intrigued by is Giannis and if the Jazz could get him at 21 I'd like to see how he would work out as a long athletic 3 that can handle and create.
With their 2nd round pick Brandon Davies or a 2nd point guard that can shoot, Wolters would be good.

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Chicago Bulls

I would love to see us grab a guy like Glen Rice Jr. or Steven Adams in the first round. Maybe a guy like Tony Snell out of New Mexico or Kenny Kadji from Miami.

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Indiana Pacers Would like to

Indiana Pacers

Would like to see us select Myck Kabongo or Tony Mitchell.

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Caldwell Pope in Rd Round and Mike Muscala in Rd 2

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Well I would love to see the current mock of this site would be the result of the draft. Steven Adams and Ray McCallum would be great pickups! I don't think Steven Adams en Ray will be picked up that late. Otherwise I would love them to pick Withey with their first round pick. I am also quite intrigued with Livio St. Charles (or something like thata) after watching the Hoops Summit.

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I'd like to see the Kings

I'd like to see the Kings draft Nerlens Noel..they need a defensive presence. I wouldn't mind if they trade Jason Thompson because he is inconsistent for the most part.

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I'm hoping C.J. McCollum falls to us. I think he has the same polish as Lillard that will surprise people, but he'll be underrated because of the injury and his age.

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With our third pick, reach for someone actually worth a top 5 selection. Nerlens Noel screams BUST with his 208 frame. McLemore is also very thin and doesn't really look like a can't miss prospect. Otto Porter fills a need, which is the only reason he's mocked in the top 5. He wasn't in the top 20 in any mock for most of the season, and all the sudden he's top 5? He's decent but we can get similar with our second pick. Shabazz Muhammad has lots of question marks, not sure how the management feels about him.

Trade Alonzo Gee and our two second round picks to Atlanta for 17th and 18th picks in the draft. Gee alone is worth a top 20 pick, so I think Atlanta will consider it. Another possible trade would be our top 5 pick for Al Horford, which seems less realistic.

After this move, we'd have four top 20 picks. With our three mid first round picks, take Giannis Adetokumpo if he's available and let him develop for a year overseas. With the second, take a big. Steven Adams, Rudy Gobert, Gorgui Dieng and Lucas Nogueira are all possibilities. I'd be happy with any of them since we need an upgrade at the C. With our last pick, we could select Tony Snell, Jamaal Franklin or James Ennis.

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Do you really believe Gee is

Do you really believe Gee is worth two first round picks? More importantly do you believe anyone besides you believes that?

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Bobcats- McLemore because really need someone to stretch the defense and he complements MKG well.

Dallas- Schroeder or MCW because really need a young PG. Feel they can get a solid role player to fill some SG minutes in the 2nd round. Maybe someone like Reggie Bullock?

Denver- Withey and feel like the site thinks as well that this is a safe and good value pick. Plus Denver needs someone who is more of a consistent rim protector to go along with McGee. If Withey is gone maybe take a look at CJ Leslie , while a tweener he has the physical tools to be a mismatch and his positives play well into the style Denver plays.

jonus grumby
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If this is anything close I would take Adams in rd 1. In rd 2 I would trade up and take Crabbe or Goodwin. I don't think they will make it so that the Bulls don't have to give up much but if they can that is what I would do. If the Bulls don't think Crabbe or Goodwin will be available to trade for in rd 2 take Hardaway in rd 1. I think the Bulls will go the safe route and take Withey in rd 1 and Leslie in rd 2.

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For the Bucks

If PG ends up being a need for Milwaukee, the two guys in this draft that I like are MCW and Schroeder. If the FO decides that Jennings will be our long-term starter, I'd like to get Adetokunbo or Caldwell-Pope, or potentially any of those guys like Zeller/Shabazz that some people think could slip to the end of the lottery.

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I still want Chicago to go

I still want Chicago to go with the C/SG combo in either, but flipping it either way would be okay.

I'm high on Glen Rice, Tim Hardaway and Jeff Withey as first round prospects, so I think Will Clyburn, Colton Iverson, James Southerland, and Alex Oriakhi would be good choices for their system to pair with those first rounders.

I'd go, in order

1. Rice/Iverson
2. Hardaway/Iverson
3. Withey/Clyburn

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Pick 9-Oladipo, McCollum, Caldwell-Pope
Pick 26-Adams (don't think he'll fall this far), Dieng, Withey
Picks 52 & 59-Try to get some bigger wings that can shoot it: Rice Jr., Bullock, Southerland

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Steven Adams

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Aren't Adams and McCollum a

Aren't Adams and McCollum a little redundant with Leonard and Lillard?

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I would love to see us trade up and try to get saric but i believe he said he will only play for a team if he gets selected in the lottery or something like that so this may be irrelevant but if not then id love to see us get tony mitchell or maybe isiah cannon

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Too many damn options. 3,19,31,33... No way were taking 4 rookies so it will be interesting to see what Chris Grant Does. Would love Otto with our first pick... and wouldn't mind packaging 19,31,33 for another lottery pick. KCP or McCollum if they fall to 14 or whatever the package gets us.

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