Player injured in Free Agency

With Paul George's sad injury and Greg Monroe and Eric Bledsoe still being FA's I was wondering what the scenario would be if a player got injured during FA and he wasn't under contract?

I cannot think of an incident like this occuring, lets say a player of around All Star level coming off their rookie or 2nd deal as an FA gets an injury and is likely out for a year. Do you think any team would tend the player an offer and what sort of length contract it would be?

I'd assume that a team would find it hard to get insurance for a player who was inactive through injury when he signed a contract, again perhaps the best comparision is Philly who drafted both Noel and Embiid when they were injured, they may have been able to insure them for the future but I doubt they could post insure them with the injuries they were carrying.

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Not NBA but

Terrell Owens tore his ACL holding some workouts while he was FA back in 2011. Must suck, being injured and not being able to get income for your regular job for 9+ months.

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Terrell Owens is a good

Terrell Owens is a good comparision thanks for that. It is surprising that a major star in the NBA hasn't hit FA whilst injured, there must be one somewhere down the line I reckon.

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