Player Comparisons

Here are some comparisons of some players from this years draft. What do you think? Who would a better comparison be.

Victor Oladipo - Desmond Mason or Deshawn Stevenson

Gorgui Dieng - Theo Ratliff

Nerlens Noel - Larry Sanders

CJ McCollum - Ben Gordon

Shabazz Muhammad - Bonzi Wells

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Courtney Lee

Trey Burke - Mike Bibby

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I like the Trey Burke-Mike

I like the Trey Burke-Mike Bibby comparison. I hadn't thought of that one, but they do seem similar.

I think the Oladipo-DeShawn Stevenson comparison doesn't work as well. Their demeanor on the court and playing styles seem a little too different to me. Oladipo strikes me as being somewhere between Tony Allen and Andre Iguodala.

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You are right. Oladipo is

You are right. Oladipo is definitely not the headcase that Stevenson is.

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I like the Shabazz and Bonzi

I like the Shabazz and Bonzi comparison. Both were about 6'5 or 6'6, solid built, not that incredibly athletic and basically two high volume scorers. Bonzi was also somewhat of a head case. A good scorer, but not a guy you build around.

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I think Oladiipo is going to

I think Oladiipo is going to be better than some are thinking and comparing him to , I definitely think he will be better than Mason or Stephenson. I see Oladipo as a blue collar, hard working kid that will improve immensely because he will work so hard. A better scoring Tony Allen would work for me.

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For Victor Oladipo, his

For Victor Oladipo, his highlights look pretty good. You can make a case for Victor as a new age David Thompson. Or someone like Sidney Moncrief (a defender more than a shooter).

I like Oladipo especially anywhere at 3 or after.

For what it's worth, I was looking at some other youtube videos and Rudy Gobert looks like Sam Bowie. Supposedly, Rudy Gobert moved awkwardly at the combine.

Trey Burke? What about Stephon Marbury. Good scoring point guard with some toughness.

Gorgui Dieng reminds me a little of Greg Oden. Just really solid around the hoop. Can block shots, but more importantly he shuts down the lane and alters shots. He rebounds too and seems like a fun guy to play with. He can score a little bit but he is not really known as a scorer. Gets points from dunks and put backs. He's a winner that can be a core guy.

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Trey Burke

When I think of Trey Burke, I think of a taller Damon Stoudamire with no off the court issues, but Burke won't have as good of a rookie season as Stoudamire did

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shane larkin-ty lawson

shane larkin-ty lawson

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couple ones I came up

couple ones I came up with:

Glen Rice Jr. - Xavier Henry

James Southerland - Eric Williams

Adonis Thomas - Tariq Abdul-Wahad

Rudy Gobert - Alexis Ajinca

Jackie Carmichael - Loy Vaught

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oh man, I completely forgot

oh man, I completely forgot about Loy Vaught. Thank you for that, fellow Husky fan. I hope you are excited for the NWG era.

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trey burke compares to ty lawson

Oladipo to Tony Allen

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Ty Lawson is extremely fast,

Ty Lawson is extremely fast, athletic and strong for his short stature. Trey Burks isn't.

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