Played out arguments

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Played out arguments

There are so many arguments on here that do not simply make sense to me. I know stats are important on basketball but some of you take them to be the end all of a argument. The game if basketball is more than just stats if u watch and play the game u understand it more than the stat geeks. The one that annoys me the most is the one about CJ McCollum not being good enough to play point because he only averaged 2.9 ast. First if all if you watch their games(which I'm betting some people don't) then u understand that CJ McCollum was asked to score for that team not to distribute. His team simply could not be trusted to score points. Watch the game and u cn tell who far and away is the best player on the floor. Also arguments like KCP for Georgia didnt shoot a good percentage so he isn't a good player. KCP was the focal point of a UGA team that wouldn't have been close in any games were it not for him. He is going to be a pretty good player in the NBA. I will end this by saying stats aren't everything. There are things in the basketball game that don't show up on the stat sheet. Far too many arguments come down to stats which sometimes should not happen. Watch the game and the competition going on and quit falling back to your numbers

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My bold prediction for this

My bold prediction for this draft is that KCP will end up being the best player from this draft 10 years from now

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