Pj hairston's Nba future

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Pj hairston's Nba future

I am currently watching a scouting video on the site to not be named on Pj hairstons ability. This guy is really good. I really like his skill set and his physicality. Do you guys think he can still get selected in the first round of the 2014 draft. I know he has off the court issues but I do believe if he can get his hands clean during this upcoming season after he fulfills his suspension that he can get selected between 20-30. Let's just hope he can stay clear of the non sense.

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hard to say...

I agree that he's very talented and has some 1st round potential, but my guess would be no just based on the strength of the draft. I feel like teams would be tempted to draft him earlier if there weren't so many other good candidates, but we'll have to wait and see who declares and who doesn't.

IMO there are a lot of Freshmen and Sophs who may or may not declare which could change the middle-end of the first round (Obekpa, Hill, Vonleh, Dakari Johnson, Harrell, Jerami Grant, TJ Warren, etc.).

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Not 1st round

If he comes out, he will be a 2nd round pick. He might be one of the few I have ever thought should stay in school. He needs to prove himself again as a person and be in a weaker draft.

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Talent wise he clearly is a

Talent wise he clearly is a first round pick, but his off the court issues do raise questions. He won't slip out of the first round, he's just too good and I could even see him going in the top 20

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i think he definitely can be

i think he definitely can be selected in the first round, however this is a good draft and not playing will hurt his stock more so than it would in a weaker draft, so early to mid second might be where he actually gets selected, unless he really really shows something head and shoulders above some other first round prospects at various practices and the combine.

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Hairston is definitely a

Hairston is definitely a first round talent. There are many in college with is combination of size, strength and shooting ability. He has good athleticism as well. I'm really dissappointed with his attitude, as are all other UNC fans I assume. He should stay for his senior year to turn his attitude around and prove to people he can stay out of trouble. I don't think there's anyway he stays though. I think once he comes back and if he plays well he will be an early second round pick or maybe sneak into the end of the first round.

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Even if he misses 10-12 games

Even if he misses 10-12 games? If he comes back and shoots high %'s from the field and 3pt land along with adding more of a mid range and off the bounce game he can be a top 20 pick. Not to mention a big NCAA tourney always inflates guys draft stock. He has potential to sneak into the mid first round but right now due to off season transgressions is going to have to play well to get back to being a top 20 pick. The good thing about Hairston is he is extremely confident and I feel will be 1st team All ACC and get himself solidly back in the 1st round. Guys with his strength , size , and shooting range at his position don't normally fall out of the 1st round even with a little baggage. When combine comes around he will measure and test out better than expected as well.

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