PJ Hairston a Top 10 Pick in 2014?

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PJ Hairston a Top 10 Pick in 2014?

Since I've known who this guy was going back to his high school days in 2011, I never really cared for this guy that much. I always just looked at him as a guy who could just shoot 3's. It wasn't until this season when I realized how much talent PJ Hairston really has in him. He didn't even start the 1st half of this this season but he really started to reach his potential at the second half of this season. The last few games I watched him play in I have just been amazed with Hairston's talent. When he scored 28 against Miami in the ACC Championship with a broken hand and in last night's game against Villanova. He can not only just shoot lights out, he has a strong ability to get to the basket and he even has size for an NBA SG. Has way more potential than James McAdoo and if he stays there's no way I could see him not getting All-American honors next year. PJ Hairston and James McAdoo can be a force at UNC if they both stay for their Junior seasons.

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He caught my eye last year

He caught my eye last year and I thought he was clearly the 2nd best wing prospect on the team only behind Barnes. I was shocked when he started the season coming off the bench I thought for sure he'd break out this year with his ability to hit 3's and also his athleticism in transition. For the season he's only averaged like 23mpg. But Roy Williams has clearly been misusing him because since he's become a starter he's been one of the most prolific scorers in the nation.

I think he's a real sleeper who should also test really well at the combine. I think he's gonna take his hot hand into the draft this year because he has lotto potential based on his recent production, physical tools, and youth.

The only knock I have on him is his height but he got the length to compensate.

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I've watched almost every UNC

I've watched almost every UNC game this year, and one thing I can tell you about PJ is that he has given this team an identity when they previously had none. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and doesn't take any plays off, which is the kind of team mate that I love having on my team. Without him starting and getting significant minutes this year UNC would've been NIT bound without a doubt. Glad Ole Roy went out of his element and gave in to the small ball.

With that being said I believe he can slip into the Lotto next year with a strong season, and have a JR Smith type of career at best.

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When he was a Dudley he

When he was a Dudley he played against my school (Reagan High) and went on to outscore our team; I knew he was a very talented player but he is literally a top tier D1 athlete, cool to see in real life.

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Roy Williams is 1 of those

Roy Williams is 1 of those old school coaches sometimes stubborn and set in his ways..Remember it took him almost half the season to realize that the team played better when Marshall ran the point,not Larry Drew..This season fans were screaming for coach to make some lineup changes,but it wasalmost toward the end of the season when he inserted Hairston in the lineup and they started winning...

Back to Hairston..What position does he play? He can get away with in college,but i doubt if he can do it ...Becuz right now he's getting by on his outstanding shooting ability,his physical strength,competiveness and a good basketball IQ...He's an average ball handler and he cant shoot off the dribble..If he came out this year,he might be taken in the mid 2nd round..But with Another year and he might improve his game,into the late 1st round consideration...

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As a Bulls fan

I've been hoping all year PJ would come out this year because I have thought he would be an excellent fit next to D Rose for awhile. PJ is a natural 2 (IMO) with DEEP range. Yes he could improve off the dribble, but it's not like he looks like the drunken dribbler out there when he does handle it. Besides, if he did have a smooth handle, then you are talking about a top 10 (maybe top 5) pick this year. The only real question you can have on him is how well he can guard other 2's seeing as he has been guarding 4's for the majority of the year. But defense is 90% effort and I have no doubts about his effort or work ethic. Would love to grab him in the late teens-early 20's.

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We'll see if he can carry his

We'll see if he can carry his momentum into next yr. He really took off when he started being defended by college 4's who are less willing to get out on him on the perimeter.

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