Pistons sign Peyton Siva

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Pistons sign Peyton Siva

As no surprise the pistons signed Peyton Siva today. I think the pistons really got a steal with him. Peyton's game really reminds me of former pistons player, Lindsey Hunter (after watching him play in Louisville and in the summer league). If he could be anything close to Lindsey Hunter, then the pistons have a good pg off the bench.

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Good draft pick, but doubt he

Good draft pick, but doubt he sees any time on the court. They already got BJ, Will Bynum AND Chauncey Billups back in the fold.

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Jennings, Bynum, and Siva all

Jennings, Bynum, and Siva all range between 5'10-6tf.

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jenning's 6'1

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Not sure I see the Lindsey Hunter comparison. Hunter and Siva are both good defenders but that is where the comparisons end. Siva is a much better passer and can run a team. Hunter was OK at this but spent most of his career coming off the bench. Hunter was a much better shooter, especially from 3 - Siva has never displayed much ability with his shooting even at Louisville.

Good pickup for the Pistons though. Get him a full time shooting coach and stash him in the D-League for a year. See how he pans out. With his size, he will always have issues defensively in the post against bigger PG's but he could have a solid career as a backup PG if he ever learns how to shoot.

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Siva measured 6' without

Siva measured 6' without shoes and 6'1" with shoes. Also he's got a solid build and he's a great athlete. Point being, his size won't be a big issues and even when he is playing bigger guards, he's strong enough and athletic enough to do reasonably well in those situations. His shot is lacking but those things always improve with repetition and he's a good worker too. I think he'll be a solid pro.

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Siva is an ideal backup pg

Siva is an ideal backup pg for them. I could see them going small off the bench with a Siva/Billups backcourt.

Man, nobody is gonna want to play the Pistons next year. Would love to see a Bulls-Pistons series in next season's playoffs.

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idk about this move for

idk about this move for detroit...

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I like Peyton Siva as much as

I like Peyton Siva as much as the next guy, but he's not some diamond in the rough who'll be starting in 2 or 3 years. That being said, he'd be a good 3rd point guard, can run an offense, has good athleticism and is a quality character guy.

Lindsey Hunter is an awful comparison. Hunter was a 27 ppg scorer in college and adapted to a different role in the NBA.

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I like Ish Smith as a comparison

Similar size, athletes, and with similar weaknesses (i.e. shooting from range). I think he'll be around for a while, but as you said he won't be a world beater.

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I remember siggy had said a

I remember siggy had said a while back that siva wouldn't find himself in any pro league in the world.. well it looks like we were both wrong because while I thought he didn't have much of a chance to make an nba roster.. hes proved both of us wrong... his SL play solidified this signing... its a good signing.. but no way he sees any PT

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