Pistons 14' draft

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Pistons 14' draft

If the Pistons happen to land a top 8 pick next year who will they go after now that they have picked up Brandon Jennings? There was no doubt in my mind that the Pistons would have went after either Harrison or Smart to be their point guard of the future. Now I have no idea. If Jennings buys into team basketball and plays as a true point guard he will flourish in the D and maybe we will look to draft a 3 (Parker, Robinson III, Grant). If he doesn't pan out I cannot see them passing up on Smart or Harrison or maybe even this Semaj Christon kid Ive been hearing so much about. Also keep in mind that if we are forced to give up our pick that we have players who can be used in a trade to obtain a lottery pick (Monroe,Stuckey) Only time will tell but this rubik's cube of a roster the Pistons have assembled could come together nicely.....rather sooner than later with a little luck.

Thoughts ??

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win now mode

I think its too early to think about the 2014 Pistons draft because I think it all depends on the experiment of Monroe, Drummond, and J Smith. To me it appears that they are in win now mode, and probably trade away there pick for an established veteren to plug there glaring need for depth and outside shooting. If the experiment fails they keep the pick, deal Monroe and fill the void with a pick and pop Center/PF to complement Drummond.

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I think the Pistons will make

I think the Pistons will make the playoffs and lose their pick. Joe Dumars wants to win now, hence the move for Jsmoove and Jennings.

I really hope hope the pistons can sign Monroe long term

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I'm a big Monroe fan. I

I'm a big Monroe fan. I really liked when the Pistons drafted him cause he was the player that I thought would be a great fit for that team. But now that they have Smith I think that my boy Monroe will be gone. Smith is not a 3 in the NBA to me. I could be wrong about that but I like him better at the four. Now with that said, Smith at the four and you already have your center of the future with Drummond. So Monroe has to go. If all three of them can play together then that will be great. But I think there best play is with Smith at the four which means Monroe has to go.

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Ok, first off, how after they

Ok, first off, how after they acquired jennings and Smith do you see them falling to a bottom 8 team in the league? They are far better than the Magic, Suns, sixers, jazz, bucks, bobcats, Kings, and better than the celts, wiz, blazers, Lakers just right there. They are def in or at least fighting for a playoff spot in the East. Now as far as if they get a top 8 pick somehow, if its 5 or lower you package that pick with any asset you have to get another vet in return, by that year youll have Monroe getting a bigger deal and Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings on your roster, Do you feel adding a young potential guy is the way you should go with that roster or trade it for lets say a Carmelo is available at that time (next offseason) would you package Monroe( sign and trade) and your number 8 pick for Melo? I think both teams would do that, Knicks get Monroe and another young builing block in that draft and the pistons lineup would be as follows,
In a year with the devolpment of Drummond and KCP and the east falling apart, with Miami and their contracts and opt out opportunities and BKN being just old, Knicks falling off, that could be a top 4 team in the east..... Not a bad job....

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Where's the chemistry?

Where's the chemistry? Jennings and Melo would be awful together. It's easy to look at a roster on paper and say "these are all notable players" but I would hate watching Melo and Jennings jack shots and Smith pretend he's a long/mid range jump shooter.

Detroit needs and identity, not just a collection of players. That's my biggest issue with Jennings and Smith, but adding Melo would be just more of the same.

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No Chance

There is no way Carmelo would come to Detroit. Hate to talk about my old hometown (I'm in the military) but Melo's wife Lala wanted to move to New York for the job opportunities ...and Detroit is bankrupt.

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Even though that trade isn't

Even though that trade isn't going to happen, the thought of Jennings/Smith/Carmelo on the same time makes me cringe. Holy chuckers. Who passes? I feel like the first person to touch it once it crosses half court will shoot it. Not to mention Smith and Drummond would both have to be unreal on the defensive end night in and night out because that is a BAD defensive team.

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The Pistons are not going to have a first round pick next year. The Bucks, Magic, Hawks, Bobcats, 76ers, Wizards,Celtics, Raptors and possibly the Cavs will finish behind Detroit next year in the East. I could very possibly see the Nets take a turn for the worst if they can't stay healthy next year.

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Not have a pick??????

Where did it go? Did it disappear? Are you Joe Dumars and you plan to give it away, so you know you won't have one?

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They packaged 2014 1st round

They packaged 2014 1st round pick with Ben Gordon to Bobcats for Maggette. Its top 8 protected which almost guarantees they lose the pick after all of Det's moves this off-season.

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I think ultimately Greg

I think ultimately Greg Monroe won't be there next summer, and the lineup will have a little more balance when they trade Monroe for draft picks or a small forward or shooting guard on a rookie deal. Then Josh Smith will go back to Power Forward.

So in that stance I don't know who they will try to draft next year, especially with Joe Dumars always taking the best player available approach.

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