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What are the Detroit Pistons thinking? Why would they want to sign Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva?

Ben Gordon is a nice and sometimes overated player (though not during last year's playoffs). I can't see him meshing well with Rodney Stuckey since both have a scoring mentality. And we can't forget about Rip Hamilton, who will also want about 15 shots a game. Seeming how I can only see Gordon come off the bench, I thought that's the problem he had with the Chicago Bulls management, because he saw himself as a starter.

Now, Charlie Villanueva, who can play all 5 positions, could eventually end up being the Piston's best player. He's a younger version of Lamar Odom, but he also has Odom's thought process and never wants to take games over. However, if Villanueva is to flourish, Rahseed Wallace will have to be moved because the both have tendencies to stray away from the basket.

Just my observation on Detroit's early free agent summer.

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Very smart moves

Joe dumars is making smart moves because he needs to sign charlie V because sheed will leave for another team so charlie can fill in his spot also ben gordon can start and trade rip for a center then you have a full line up

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Its Gordon

They signed Gordon. Look at the site. 55million$ contract

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I like the signing of these

I like the signing of these two if you can trade Rip for a real center. Sheed is gone any way.

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Villanueva replaces sheed,

Villanueva replaces sheed, Gordon replaces RIP. Simple as that.

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Yes they have made 2 great additions already, if u watched them play in tha playoffs, u would have notice that they lacked a go to scorer and they now have 2 of those

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Joe Dumars never ceases to baffle me. First he drafts Austin Daye (big mistake), then trades Chase Budinger. Now he wastes the teams money on two players being Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva who will make them just good enough to be mediocre again. In my opinion Joe should have just held onto the money and sign young players like Ariza or maybe Powe and let the team suck for a year but let the young guys get better, have a high draft pick, and still retain tons of money to sign a major free agent. I dont think that CV was a bad pickup but Ben Gordon doesnt make sense to me and neither does the money theyre payin him. This could haunt them for years to come.

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crackerjake10- I agree with

crackerjake10- I agree with most of your comments. Daye was a bad pick. CV was a good pick IMO, he helps out a lot. I wouldnt have signed Gordon either if I was the Pistons....too much money for a player that won't make a big difference. Budinger won't make it in the NBA though, the Pistons were smart for getting rid of that pick. They should have saved some money for next year. I think the Pistons have a strong lineup now but it isn't good enough to make any real noise in the playoffs.

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Stuckey sucks.

Stuckey sucks.

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