Pippen/Wiggins II

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Pippen/Wiggins II

A couple days ago I posted on this I would like to elaborate. Jordan and Pippen were Batman and Robin no doubt. Calling Lebron and Wiggins Batman and Robin is so premature that it needs to go to the neonatal intensive care unit. That is almost worse than comparing Wiggins game to Pippen's. Sorry to beat a dead horse here but as I said I'm a huge Pippen guy. This is also coming from a Wolves fan who wants Wiggins. To have Lebron and Love! If I'm the Cavs, I change my stance. I say okay you can have Wiggins but we want Dieng. I don't want to give up Dieng but how many minutes is he going to play with Pek and his contract going no where? He has a very cheap deal and would be the rim protector the Cavs need. Dieng and Love for Wiggins, Thompson, and 1-2 future firsts. Hence the Cavs are pretty much set, Waiters can start and quit crying, spacing the court in the mean time. The Wolves get a cornerstone to build around. I really see no reason how this isn't a win win. There could be more to make salaries work

Pg-Rubio SG-Lavine, SF-Wiggins, PF-Thompson, C-Pek, Bench-Robinson, Muhamed, Fasenko(Been playing his butt off)


PG-Irving, SG-Waiters, SF-Lebron, PF-Love, C-Dieng Bench- Miller, Jones, Deladanova, Varejao, Bennet

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Why would Minny be dumping

Why would Minny be dumping Dieng simply because Pek is remaining there? Since when is he a starter? Why are the Cavs dumping Wiggins when it has become clearer and clearer the past week that Minny don't have the leverage to demand him?

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That desperate?

Wiggins + Thompson and still add 2x future first??? im not surprise if Wolve will be the one adding 2x future first to get Wiggins

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