With Pietrius gone..Who is the Magic Top Perimeter Defender?

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With Pietrius gone..Who is the Magic Top Perimeter Defender?

I hope Orlando arent finish making trades...Becuz with them sending Pietrius to Phoenix and losing Matt Barnes during the summer..Who will guard Lebron,Wade,Kobe and Pierce? Are they expecting Bass,Ryan Anderson or Q Richardson to guard those guys out on the perimeter?

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Paul Peirce loves this trade

Peitrus was the only guy they had with the physical tools to bother him some. PP is going to destroy this team. Rashard Lewis was a mismatch when KG came out the game for the rest of the C's too. I think this does not help them playoff time. I think Dwight Howard is history in Orlando cause he will not resign.

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This bigger question is who

This bigger question is who is going to backup Dwight Howard? Howard gets into foul trouble a lot so who is coming off the bench for him? Daniel Orton is not ready.

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Allen is going to have to be

Allen is going to have to be Howard's back up. Like you said, Orton is nowhere near ready (and I doubt he ever will be). No more than they used Gortat, Allen should be able to take his minutes, but he is not quite the player Gortat is, so there will be a drop off.

Perimeter defense is going to be a huge issue for the Magic. If they don't make another trade, maybe they can find one of those hidden gems in the D-League or in Europe who can come in and play lockdown defense.Bruce Bowen went undrafted in 1993 and didn't make his NBA debut until 1997. He turned out to be a pretty decent defender, I'd say.

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they werent playing d anyways

vc and lewis play no d at all didnt anyone else hear the tirade howard went on about how the wings werent playing any d

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answer to your original

answer to your original question.....JJ Redick = lock down defender, he will hold any of those top players in the league that you mentioned to under 60!

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Q rich can still be decent

Q rich can still be decent defender but I think they will take the Detroit aproach and just funnel players to Howard on D until they can get their team defense up. You don't need great perimeter stopper if you can play good team defense and it does not hurt to have one of the best defensive players in the game on your team.

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Q is a underated

Q is a underated defender...he can play some D..

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