Is Pierre Jackson the next Isaiah Thomas?

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Is Pierre Jackson the next Isaiah Thomas?

The one on the Kings lol! I do find them being very similar. Isaiah Thomas was a pick away from going undrafted due to his height despite his successful career at U-Dub. Pierre Jackson most likely will not go until the second round. Pierre Jackson was barely recruited out of high school and started off his collegiate career at a JC. I also believe that Pierre is an over-achiever like Isaiah Thomas and they both really know how to play.

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Man i was really hoping you

Man i was really hoping you were talking about the other Isiah...the one who kisses guys on the cheek before games, gropes female employees,OD's on pills in his kitchen,almost single handidly destroys one of the biggest marqee franchines in sports...

Id love if some on this board could connect the dots between Pierre Jackson and that Isiah

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