pick the following attributes you consider most important for each position on your ideal team

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pick the following attributes you consider most important for each position on your ideal team

COuntless times, people have posted requesting other members of the forum to list their ideal team, or ask them to build a team out of the draft and why, and i feel many of us want no part in those posts because we feel like it would be too time consuming or are afraid of getting negged. So I spare you the trouble and time, and would like to know where you stand on the 3 most important attributes at each position for your ideal team. This is based on NBA 2k13 signature skills, I would like you to select 3 for each position. The list of attributes include:

Misc: Posterizer, Highlight film, Finisher, Acrobat, Ankle Breaker, Big Heavy Brick wall, Bruiser, Hustle Points, Floor general, Rebounder
Defense: Lockdown Defender, Shot blocker, interceptor, pickpocket
Offense: Spot up shooter, shot creator, 3 point specialist, offensive post proficiency, post playmaker, assist houdini

Since I know this is a big list and I know that we all want a star player you can have 1 position with 4 attributes of your choice, with the others all being 3. I think it will be fun and we might have a great analysis if we get lucky :)

Here's mine BTW: -identity: offence through the post
PG: Lockdown Defender, spot up shooter, assist houdini
SG: Lock down defender, 3 point specialist, spot up shooter
SF: Lockdown Defender, Finisher, Assist Houdini,
PF: Shot Blocker, interceptor, post playmaker, finisher
C: Rebounder, Shot Blocker, offensive Post Proficiency

So my power forward is the main man: as you can see he is a sort of kevin garnett who is surrounded by a sort of Robert Parish, a scottie pippen, and a guard combination that will make defines my team's main winning philosophy but ofcourse will make the extra pass like Manu Ginobili on offence. I need a Shooting guard who can put up big numbers but can space out the floor for my post players. The assist houdini's together will create some great passing once they penetrate and will look to feed the athletic power forward and the big centre. My powerforward will make a lot of passes to the cutting, posting center as well as all other players. My team will make shot selections bad because of perimeter lockdown defenders and 2 great shot blockers. With all this great defense I'm sure my center will rebound big, since that's his best attribute.

What about you guys?? :)

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PG: Shot creator, floor

PG: Shot creator, floor general, defender, spot up shooter
SG: Shot creator, spot up shooter, defender, floor general
SF: Defender, acrobat, 3 point specialst, rebounder
PF: Spot up shooter, 3 point specialist, defender, rebounder
C: Offensive post proficiency, post playmaker, defender, rebounder
If you don't have a shot creator/ go-to scorer is almost impossible to win a championship, no matter how much talent your're stacking

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My Team

PG- Floor General, Assist Houdini, Pickpocket
SG- Shot Creator, Finisher, Ankle Breaker
SF- Lock Down Defender, Posterizer, Acrobat
PF- Rebounder, Post Playmaker, Brick Wall
C- Post Playmaker, Offensive Post Profficiency, Rebounder, Shot Blocker

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PG: Floor general, pick

PG: Floor general, pick pocket, 3pt specialist
SG: Lock down defender, 3 point specialist, shot creator, Finisher
SF: Lockdown Defender, Spot up shooter, interceptor
PF: Shot Blocker, Offensive Post Proficiency, Rebounder
C: Rebounder, Shot Blocker, Post playmaker

Well, this one looks as a standard starting lineup. The offense is run through PG, SG, PF. That means SF and C are doing the dirty work, because you always need some balance. I can imagine this team running some sort of triangle with the SG and C on the weak side threatening with a pinch post set.

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PG: Floor General, Shot

PG: Floor General, Shot Creator, Ankle Breaker 15pts-3rebs-7asts-1stl
SG: Finisher, Spot Up Shooter, 3 Point Specialist 18pts-4rebs-3asts-1stl
SF: Lockdown Defender, Finisher, Spot Up Shooter 14pts-5rebs-2ast-1stl
PF: Offensive Post Proficiency, Post Playmaker, Rebounder, Finisher 22pts-9rebs-4ast-1blk
C: Rebounder, Shot Blocker, Finisher 11pts-10rebs-1ast-2blk

My team would run its offense through its ball handling wizard of a point guard and the offensively dominant PF. The PF's ability to pass and my wings ability to knock down open shots and finish with contact means we should draw fouls, and capitalize on double teams. And my center will protect the paint and put back any misses. SG would be the second leading scorer, being a threat from anywhere on the court. Our off the ball movement would be vital to our success.

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