Pick Em #1 edition

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Pick Em #1 edition

Lebron excluded and assuming davis pans out as a franchise bigman, which #1 pick from the last 10 drafts woulf you take to start a team?

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1. Anthony Davis 2. Dwight

1. Anthony Davis
2. Dwight Howard
3. Derek Rose
4. Kyrie Irving
5. John Wall
6. Blake Griffin
7. Andrew Bogut
8. Andrea Bargnani
9. Greg Oden (if he stayed healthy he could honestly have taken #1 on this list)

Part of me wanted to put Wall above Irving bc I feel Irving is injury prone, plus Wall still has more potential IMO. Also I am no longer a fan of Rose and it may have been easy to downgrade him a bit, but by next year he will come and perform as top 10 player so had to put him top 3 on list. I truely feel Anthony Davis will be KG type player so had to put him over Dwight after all the turmoil he has delt with this past year.

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If you are going on how

If you are going on how things have turned out..

1.Derrick Rose
2.Dwight Howard
3.Blake Griffin
4.Anthony Davis
5.John Wall
6.Kyrie Irving

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Looks like being a #1 pick comes with missing significant playing time with injuries.

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1 rose 2 dwight 3 kyrie 4

1 rose
2 dwight
3 kyrie
4 griffin
5 wall(even tho anthony davis may become great i still take wall just incase)

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I think

I think im gonna roll with Irving. Unstoppable on offense, and once he gets more talent on that team, will prove he has good passing/playmaker ability. Davis would be in consideration, but he might have durability issues...

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That's a terrible list. U list Anthony Davis over l the guys u did.......shame

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In terms of who are the

In terms of who are the best:

1) Derrick Rose
2) Dwight Howard
3) Blake Griffin
4) Kyrie Irving
5) John Wall
6) Anthony Davis (still only one year in the league, could be higher very soon)

In terms of who I'd START a team with

1) Irving
2) Wall: Finally started to prove he can win games during the second half of this season. If he can keep injuries away, he could be #1
3) Rose: I'd have him #1 if not for the injury
4) Davis: Could be an elite big man
5) Howard: Too many attitude issues, injury issues, and inconsistency issues
6) Griffin: Great secondary player, but clearly not a guy you build around

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To just start a team I'd have

To just start a team I'd have to go with Irving. He's proven himself as an elite player without much of a supporting cast and comes a lot cheaper immediately than most of the others. I don't think he ends up the best of the 10 but he's got the best risk/reward ratio of the lot.

Rose would likely be my #2 just as a proven elite guard ready to lead a playoff team. I feel Davis is a bit of a risk injury wise until he gets a bigger body for the NBA, though he could very well have the highest ceiling. Howard I'd fear would run to another team as soon as possible and I'm not convinced of Wall quite yet and he's spent a lot of time on the bench as well. The other guys I just don't see as being a The Guy to build around.

If we're saying Davis will 100% turn out as a franchise big man I would grab him. There won't be another player in the league with that sort of skill set and that sort of body if he reaches his potential.

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