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Pick to Click

One of the games I always play with my brother is the "Pick to Click". It is where before the game starts you try to pick who is going to go off for huge numbers. This is even more fun during summer league games where player performance can vary a lot from game to game. We both choose 3 players for the whole summer league who we thought would put up near 20 PPG. The 3 categories were Rookie, Young Player (not a rookie but not much NBA minutes), and Sleeper pick (really shouldn't score that much, but if he does you look like a genius)

My Picks:

Rookie- Barnes, YP- Jimmer, Sleeper- Babbitt

His Picks:

Rookie- Sullinger, YP- Kemba, Sleeper- Jan Vesely

Barnes has played really well, one 30 pt game really can't make up for previous performances for Jimmer and Babbitt has played well for a sleeper pick getting into double digit pts. I still think my picks were better (we are still in the middle of a week long argument).

Who were the guys you expected to be putting up huge numbers in the summer league? Did your picks pan out?

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