Is Philly for real?

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Is Philly for real?

Unfortuanelty for management there tanking season isn't going as planned lol. They're actaully playing pretty good ball and their young players are stepping up. MCW and Wroten are looking like a really PG duo right now and Turner is looking like he might get the MIP this year.

As a Heat fan i'm rooting for them every game because we'd get their first pick lol

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They lost by almost 40 to New

They lost by almost 40 to New Orleans the other night and I expect to see some games where they just get blown out coming up. They have very little bench depth besides Wroten so now that he is starting for an injurted MCW they have even worst depth. They are going to play hard and be in a lot of games because they have more talent than we thought and Brown is doing a fantastic job coaching so far.

However down the road in the season things will even out more and they will take some lumps. They are only 5-7 but are leading their division since the Knicks and Nets both came out flat this year. I would expect both those veteran squads to overtake them as the season goes on.

Perhaps if MCW comes back and plays like he did to start the year and their starters stay healthy they might be able to challenge for that 8th seed a Sixers fan this is my worst nightmare....especially watching guys like Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and Andrew Wiggins play so far this season. I would much rather see a future all-star talent join the team next season than watch the Sixers get smashed by Miami in the 1st round of the playoffs.

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This would have been a good

This would have been a good post two weeks ago, but they have obviously simmered down. After going 3-0, they are 2-7 the last 9.

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good job tanking

Holding MCW out with this "foot injury" has been awesome. Let him miss another 2-3 weeks, trade Spencer asap while he is still averaging a double-double, and let's lose some games!

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