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I know there aren't a lot of Filipinos in this site but i just can't contain my excitement. We FINALLY beat KOREA and are about to face the champions Iran in the finals after placing fourth time and time again the past years. Being in the finals also assures us of a spot in the world championships in Spain next year!!! (China just got upset and eliminated by chinese-taipei btw and are not qualified for the worlds) I've been waiting a LONG time for this (about 30 years since this happened). There's no denying the talent and love the Philippines has for basketball and I can't wait to watch our guys go up against top-tier competition with the likes of Lithuania, Spain, France etc..... We will put up a good fight GO Philippines!!!

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Oh what?!

Damn that's pretty cool. I'm Filipino too. It's always nice to hear something good coming from the homeland. The only news I ever hear is about Javale McGee joining the team for the olympics, which I hope doesn't happen.

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watched the game and yes it

watched the game and yes it was very entertaining. too bad marcus is still hurting, will need him big time against iran. wonder if they could finally use the size of fajardo hehe

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I'm Filipino too, and this is

I'm Filipino too, and this is awesome for the country! It's going to be great to be able to watch our country on national TV against some of the other powerhouses.

Hopefully this will bring even more basketball awareness to the Philippines, and allow us to play a bigger role in the globalization of basketball.

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lol a lot of Filipinos and

lol a lot of Filipinos and Canadians on this site. Looks like both your programs are improving, congrats!

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I'm Irish, Italian and

I'm Irish, Italian and Filipino. My family last name is Salamatin which I never knew was from the Filipines until FaceBook. I gotta say as an adult I'm most proud of my Filipino heritage because it makes me unique as there aren't too many Filipinos around but being born and raised in Philly most just assume I'm Puerta Rican.

For what its worth my true name is Vincent James Salamatino Jr. and I invite everybody who reads this with a FaceBook to send me a friend request.

My email is [email protected]. Id like to increase my contacts of basketball junkies because not enough people live this basketball life like I do. I'm so bout it bout it I might pull up in a gold tank haha. Apologies in advance for my eccentricism.

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I was born in the Philippines

I was born in the Philippines

But still congrats man

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