Phil Pressey

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Phil Pressey

Hearing Phil Pressey has declared for draft. Got an update from the BracketBound App but can't seem to find an article on it yet. Can someone show me one? And also what do people think of this decision? I think he could've just played out his senior season and improved even more.

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I like him

I like him a lot mainly for his passing ability. I hope he gets drafted but I don't think he will.

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I thought he would turn it up

I thought he would turn it up after he had the game with 19 assist.

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During the early part of the

During the early part of the season there was talk of him possibly being the SEC Player of the year..He was clearly the best passer in college basketball,his playmaking and passing skills were so good that could've been a late 1st rounder ,if he came out this year,despite undersized and not being a good outside shooter....I'm not sure what was the reason he regressed,during the latter part of the season.....I guess the lack of talent in this year's draft, He think this is a good time to declare.....

Maybe he can open some eyes at the combine,becuz his passing and playmaking skills are so elite,some team will gamble on him in the 2nd round.....

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He'll for sure get drafted

He'll for sure get drafted but he was just so inconsistent all year. He forced shot shots, passes. For one, Frank Haith is a terrible coach. Second, the gelling of all the transfers and new guys really was a problem that I thought wouldn't be. Bell, Brown and especially Ross had a hard time finding their roles. Thirdly, I think the Tigers kind of had Boston syndrome, where they were so reliant on Phil that it brought the team down as a whole. He basically had to play the whole game as Webster-Chan looked like a deer in headlights. Against Illinois, he tried to bring the ball up three times in a row and turned it over every time. I wish Phil would stay another year but I'm not sure how much he will grow under Haith. Probably for the best. If I really need a back up PG, I'd give him a long look late first/early second but that's just from a guy who's probably biases, thinks he can be really good and loves watching him play when he's at his best.

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He had a disappointing year,

He had a disappointing year, but I think basically being the only ball-handler on the team wore on him. He played much better last yr with Dixon as the 2ndary ball-handler. He's still a really good distributor, playmaker and PnR player. He's got jets too. He'll still get drafted, but mid 2nd as opposed late first which was where he was projected to go before the season. I think he can be a solid back up.

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I wouldn't draft him. Guys

I wouldn't draft him. Guys like him are a dime a dozen in the NBA and he played very poorly against good teams with NBA-caliber defenders. He reminds me of Ish Smith, who is a fringe NBA talent. He went 1-7 with 2 points and 10 turnovers against Florida and was absolutely shut down by Scottie WIlbekin. He had 8 turnovers against Louisville. His only game in which he shot better than .500 from the field was against SIU-Edwardsville. In addition to this is incredibly undersized and physically weak. In consider him a fringe NBA player at best and would be surprised if he ever did anything more.

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I think he'll get skipped

I think he'll get skipped over, ball handlers and distributors normally have to hone another skill to get drafted and stay in the league. He has no shot and despite making good decisions when finding teammates, his decisions are equally bad when attempting shots beyond a layup. It doesn't help that he's around 5'9" either.

There are a plethora of vets that can handle the rock and hit an open man, and knock down a deep jumper. Guys like Pressey have a hard time getting picked up because they can only do two of the three and theyre usually undersized. That's why Mike James is still getting minutes and Marcus Williams is out of the league.

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If Shaheen Holloway wasn't drafted out of Seton Hall, I'm sure he how be drafted.

Dhamp...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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I think he could stick as a

I think he could stick as a solid back up. a little frail but hes an NBA caliber passer/IQ/Court vision guy. If John Lucas III can get run in the League, surely Pressey can.

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