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With the recent NO LAC trade should the raptors attempt to trade for one of there many guards who may not get playing time behind paul and billups?

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No, I think they should use

No, I think they should use this season to see what Bayless has got. If he can be productive and efficient in extended minutes then I say they hang onto him and look for a SF. If Bayless works out he'll stick around in Toronto because they will be the team that took a chance on him, and really, retaining players has always been the problem for the Raptors.

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Ah thats true I completely

Ah thats true I completely forgot about the inability of the raptors to hold onto players, I guess the best course of action is to allow bayless to play and see where he is but if he faultures and la doesnt make a trade before the season starts and bayless doesnt play well i dont think an attempt on bledsoe would be wasted time in talks.

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