A PG the knicks can get their hands on

I think mike conley jr. can be a starter in dAntoni's system. He's fast and a decent distributor. He played at a high level in that one season in college before and especially after Oden recovered from the wriste injury. He's attainable with Memphis moving o.j to the point, meaning they've pretty much given up on him. What other PGs do you guys think the knicks can aquire?

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Felton, Farmar, Lowry, Baron

Felton, Farmar, Lowry, Baron Davis, Ricky Rubio.

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Kicks don't want to settle

Kicks don't want to settle for less, they need a PG that will be able to start in good teams in order to attract FA's or what ever to NY. It's time for them to get there team to compete on a higher level but don't get me wrong, they have talent (hate it when people say they don't) but they need better.

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Love talked about several

Love talked about several instances in the game when Roy caught the ball and wanted to go left, but Love was in his way. Love remembers that, and he's already looking to correct it. With more time together, it should be an easy fix.

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The Celtics haven’t gone easy

The Celtics haven’t gone easy on Allen over the last few months. Kevin Garnett told reporters at Media Day that he no longer had Allen’s number and that he was “not trying to communicate” with his former teammate. Paul Pierce called Allen’s decision “very surprising” and noted that Allen could have chosen to play anywhere. Rajon Rondo has referred to Allen as “that guy” in an interview. Coach Doc Rivers has expressed disappointment in how Allen’s departure “went down.” At least one Boston-area media member is actively encouraging Celtics fans to boo Allen. With rumors of tension last season between Rondo, the franchise’s face, and Allen, the new outcast, it’s totally natural for Celtics fans to take sides against their former two guard, especially when he’s catching flak from seemingly all directions. But should they?

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