Peyton Siva Bigger than advertised

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Peyton Siva Bigger than advertised

I thought he would be 5'10 barefoot. He came out 5'11.5 barefoot which puts him at 6'1 in shoes and also has a 6'3 wingspan and good sized hands for his height. How much do these measurements help him? Also this makes me think Russ Smith may be 6'2 in sneakers because it was pretty obvious Russ was taller and Longer than Siva.(Just something to think about.)

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It sounds like a sure second

It sounds like a sure second rounder to me.

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I'm a big fan of Siva, he's

I'm a big fan of Siva, he's VERY athletic, a hard worker and a low-key guy personality wise. His battle with Trey Burke was epic, I'd definitely take him if I needed a back-up point, or as a starter in a Mario Chalmers situation (rare I know).

He's got leadership, athleticism and a winning pedigree, I hope he manages to stick somewhere in the NBA, I feel like he's very underrated by NBA scouts.

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Siva has a lot of

Siva has a lot of intangables, but I don't feel like he's the caliber of shooter necessary for him to stick in the league. No matter whether he gets picked or goes the free agent route, I see him in the D-League next season. I personally wouldn't draft him, but he's a winner, a good ball handler, very quick and a high character guy, those qualities may get a team to feel he could be a good fit for them.

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I agree with Wolf that I

I agree with Wolf that I still question his ability to stick in the league, but with that measurement, he'll probably be a 2nd round pick.

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2nd rounder for a

2nd rounder for a contender....Boston should pick him up

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I wouldn't mind see Memphis

I wouldn't mind see Memphis picking him up at 55 or 60. He could also provide some speed, quickness, and toughness to the T Wolves at 59.

San Antonio is sitting at 58. If they could fix Peyton Siva's jump shot or at least find where he is decently productive from, then they could end up getting a steal.

If you are drafting in the 50 to 60 range, then you should at least take a look at Peyton Siva.

I can even see Detroit looking at him. If they don't draft any other point guards or combo guards, I can see them using a Siva-Knight backcourt in small ball situations. Siva could be really effective with the Detroit bigs inside and then Kyle Singler (plus whoever else they get) on the wing.

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