Peyton Siva

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Peyton Siva

Maybe this guy will be on the next nbadraft mock draft, but I don't see him on there yet. Peyton Siva is one guy I really like. In a draft with perhaps no FRANCHISE guy but maybe as many rotation guys as you are going to get in a draft, I think this is one guy that screams "ideal backup point guard". That might not be saying much, and there are a TON of very good starting point guards in the league, but there really are not that many great backup point guards. And, that is the one position off the bench that you truly need. If no bench guy can handle the ball and run the offense, you are in trouble, and will have to rely too much on your starting point guard (like the Grizzlies in the playoffs last year, and to a smaller extent this year).

Siva may be a little short, but he has a great blend of speed, quickness, passing, ball handling, scoring, and moxie. He is a guy who can run the offense off the bench. Or a guy you use in a small ball lineup. What if the Warriors brought him and Jarrett Jack off the bench. Or, they could go small and put Siva at the point and Steph Curry at the 2.

Siva is also a guy you can use to back up Damian Lillard in Portland. He can give Lillard some rest. Then you can also go small with a perimeter attack of Siva, Lillard, and Will Barton. Good luck trying to stay in front of those guys.

To me, Louisville doesn't win the title game against Michigan without Siva. I thought he outplayed Trey Burke.

Siva looks like a value pick outside the top 15, let alone in the second round.

I could also see the Knicks needing this guy. Raymond Felton is solid. But, there backups while effective are getting really old. Kidd and Prigioni can't play for ever (well, maybe Jason Kidd can). I know that a Siva-- JR Smith attack off the bench would be fierce.

I like this guy. I think he fits somewhere. Backup point guards SHOULD BE more important than it looks like they are. Here are two more guys that Siva could back up, or even play with in small lineups: Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose. Come to think of it, I think Siva would be a great backup to Rajon Rondo too. He might end up being no more than a very good backup point guard and upper tier sixth man, but that is still pretty good. Great, for a second round pick.

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To me its tough to imagine

To me its tough to imagine him being a starting D-League PG. He can defend well, but who knows how his defense will translate since the way he played defense in college would lead to a lot of fouls at the pro level. He can't shoot, can't dribble with his left hand well, doesn't have a good change of speed or direction, doesn't finish well, doesn't have good vision or creativity when passing. He's a good athlete and a good leaper, but he's small and he's a two foot jumper. He'll take care of the ball, but more of the "passing the ball around the perimeter," ultra conservative type. Otherwise he's not much of a floor general.
I don't see him getting drafted.

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I have to disagree about Siva's vision and creativity.

See 1:42, 4:51, 5:09, 6:38, 8:20 and especially 9:30

I think Siva's intangibles are often overlooked too. He's a great leader and teammate, and he's just a winner. Back to back final fours and a national championship. Plus he's no smaller than Pierre Jackson who's projected second round.

Peyton was invited to the Chicago draft combine and Richard Bohn from Slam Magazine said he's "going full go through drills and having ton of fun. Shooting it real well from corners, too."


I think he could be a good backup for the Clippers. Throws the lob very well. However they don't really need a backup PG since they have Bledsoe.

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He's a fighter

I think Siva is a fighter and will land on a 15 man roster before the start of the regular season. His size doesn't matter to me too much. He's a very gifted athlete and is driven. If I was a GM, I'd be more than happy to have him on my team. He might not get drafted, but he will more than likely perform well enough in the summer league to warrant a spot. I think a team with multiple second round picks like the Grizzlies, Hawks, or maybe even the Blazers, should give him a look.

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I'm going to compare him to

I'm going to compare him to Eric Maynor, not a flashy back up but when called upon he does a solid job

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