Peyton Siva

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Peyton Siva

Where do people see Peyton getting draft (If drafted) and why? I personally see him as a middle-late 2nd rounder who should definitely be drafted but not sure if thats just biased of me.

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i dont think hes an nba type

i dont think hes an nba type all

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He's better off not getting

He's better off not getting drafted and finding a team that he might fit and be needed. But I agree with BasketballJunkie224, best case senario he can play a JJ Barea type roll.

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I'm sure he can get a pretty

I'm sure he can get a pretty nice contract in Europe based off name recognition...

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I can see siva def. getting

I can see siva def. getting drafted... but his game just doesn't scream nba... I think he has a better chance at the nba than russ smith.... smith is a good college player but literally has no nba potential

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He really gets a lot of favorable calls when he slips

I have never seen a player slip on imaginary wet spots, he even gets refs to call hand checks when there is obvious separation and he out of control falls down.

If you have never really paid attention to this watch last seasons game at Cincinnati, Siva literally looked like he was going to cry when the refs didn't give him calls on it that he is used to.

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I don't see him making it to

I don't see him making it to the NBA. If he does, he could be a player like Tyrone Lue, but not much more.

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whether he gets drafted late

whether he gets drafted late because they won this year (if they win that is) or he goes undrafted and gets invited to the summer league, i think he will make a roster...might not last long but i can see a team take a chance on him like dallas who needs to give as many pgs a shot as they can. mike james aint the way...

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best case senerio would be earl watson.

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Mid 2nd

Somebody will take a chance on him mid 2nd round. He doesn't have a lot of nba potential but I think he could be a nice pickup. With the way these guards go down its always good to have that third guard especially one willing to play defense.

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