Perspective from by friend about Dennis Schroeder

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Perspective from by friend about Dennis Schroeder

I've been coming to this site for years but never created a username. I wanted to share this quick info from my friend, who was a foreign exchange student back in 2006 and now plays in the German Pro B league.

Hey Will,
you came to the right place. Dennis is originally from Wolfenbüttel, where I played from 07 to 09 and his u14 team always had practice right before ours. If he gets drafted in the lottery, you will probably hear the story of how a coach saw him in a skate park but thats not the whole truth, he was playing ball before that.

Anyway, this guy is the real deal when it comes to playing ball, off the court not so much. He has had major issues in Germany and everyone knows he's super arrogant. During practice with the u18 national team, he walked out and proclaimed that he wasn't gonna embarrass himself playing with a bunch of losers who werent on his level. He later apologized and was allowed back. But just a week later the team went on the road for some exhibition game and he was caught trying to sneak back into the hotel at 5am. There might have been some weed involved, too, but I don't know that for sure. So they kicked him off the team. One of my team mates from last year was on that team, so thats how I know.

He had his break through on the court this year in the first league in Germany after dominating the league I played in for the last two years (he played on Braunschweig's second team, too). His club had some financial issues and the starting pg got hurt and he played really well filling in.

I would describe him as a young Tony Parker with a better jumpshot but not the finishing ability around the rim. He's an elite athlete with a european skill set which I think is really intriguing. He also weighs like 160 pounds but when he gets put on a weight program, he should be just fine. He's also a fantastic on-ball defender, can apply major pressure and picks pockets all the time.
As for his NBA career, I think it is all about where he gets drafted. He is in dire need of veteran leadership, on the wrong team hes gonna hit the strip club every night, blow all his money and get into all kinds of trouble. But on the right team could be a solid back up next year, and maybe a starter in a few years if he keeps working hard.
That's my scoop, if you have any more questions, let me know!

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