Personal hype up reality check

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Personal hype up reality check

I wanted to take the time to talk about a few players that I feel like I've just been way too hyped up on for now that I think about it completely wrong reasons. I'm going to try to give myself a reality check hopefully with the help of the rest of you. Here's my short list of players that I need to stop "Hype Machine-ing".

Andrew Wiggins - I really thought this guy would be averaging 30, 8, 5, and playing at an all-nba defensive level by his third year of his career. I just don't think he has it. He doesn't do anything but score at this point albeit very inefficiently. I thought he'd become a good player maker and should be able to snag rebounds just based on athletism. YOU AINT THE "TMAC WITH D" I THOUGHT YOUD BE.

Aaron Gordon - Seems to be developing no discernible skill set what so ever. Got me drunk with his potential from a few mix tapes and one heck of a dunk contest performance. Playing the Paul George role for the Magic though? Nah. Blake Griffin lite? Nah. In today's NBA a 3/4 tweener almost seems like a good thing thanks to Draymond. I'm not seeing that with Gordon. STILL SHOULDVE WON THAT DUNK CONTEST THO.

Emmanuel Mudiay - Turnovers. Turnovers everywhere. Shoot percentage, deplorable. I thought he would be a bigger John Wall. Thought the Nuggets got the steal in the draft and that he was going to make everyone before him look silly. Now I just feel silly. Yes hes young and has time to fix this problems but for me it just looks like hes going backwards. PER LOWER THAN MY BANK ACCOUNT.

That's it for now. Let me know if I'm off base here too much but I'm just trying to call myself out on some young players that I love but I'm just starting to be dissapointed with. Obviously they all have time to make it still. Also would really enjoy seeing some others try this their selves.

P.S. attempting to no longer be a 10 year lurker on this site, wish me luck

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