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Perfect Move

i am a new member to the site and i want to start off by saying that i love this site. I am a basketball junkie and i come on here everyday to get my daily fix.

At first i was opposed to the coming together of the big trio in miami but in perfect harmony all things fell in the right place and it just works. D. Wade being the only one out of the three to win a title gets to stay right there where he started his career and continue to add to his legacy. He sacrifices his salary letting LeBron and Bosh make half a million more than he does all for the chance to win multiple championships, that is a true champion. Bosh who has never won anything will get the press that he deserves for being one of the top big men in the game and the game just got a whole lot easier for him with LeBron and Wade occupying the wings. Lebron finally has a legit chance at winning some titles and averaging a triple double. Wade and Lebron are also first all defensive team talents and it will probably become contagious amongst the team. If they pick up a point guard they will have three players on the court that will be able to initiate the offense. Get a big guy for the dirty work a few three point shooters I see championships for several years. Lebron seen that with Bosh and Wade together in Miami there was no way he was gonna get past those two or Dwight Howard for years to come. And all the marketing opportunities for these guys and the Heat. Not only can they market as the big three but they can create more opportunities for themselves as individual entities. Sorry for the fans of Cleveland but if you guys werent so selfish you would understand LeBron did what was best for his legacy and his family cause lets be real Cleveland was not winning any time soon. so congratulations to those three gentlemen and The Heat. Get your popcorn ready.

Wade 22/6/4
Bosh 20/4/10
LeBron 18/10/10

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