Perfect Fits in the Lottery

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Perfect Fits in the Lottery

Here are what i believe to be the perfect fits in the lottery, which are also sort of realistic based on chance to get that high of a pick. No homerism involved

#1. OKC - Blake Griffin: young talented team that plays in the same state as Griffin is from and believe it or not could sneak into the playoffs with Griffin on board plus a good FA acquisition with their big cap room.

#2. LAC - Ricky Rubio: the clippers are in disarray right now and need a savior. That savior is obviously not B-diddy. They need to start from scratch by trading BD, Randolph, and Kaman, along with firing Dunleavy as both coach and GM. Those that say the clippers have too much talent to deserve to win the lottery are completely wrong because the clippers talent does not care about winning, are lazy, overpaid, and selfish players. therefore they are in the worst position bcuz they have to start all over and only have Gordon, Al Thornton, and some raw boom/bust young players to build around. Rubio would fit in very well with the clips because he is Spanish and their are a lot of Hispanic culture in LA and the clippers need a distributing pg who plays defense and leads because of all the selfish players on their team.

#3. Min - Hasheem Thabeet: the wolves need a defensive center really badly to pair with their 3,000 undersized/bad defense playing pfs.

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I agree with Masrock but I

I agree with Masrock but I also see where that could work seeing as Thabeet would not play that many minutes every game.

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Brewer has got alot of work

Brewer has got alot of work to do, but the Minny got 2 good post players to build a team with.... What do you guys think about a wing player instead of Thabeet?

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They need to..

get their hands on Thabeet if he's available.. if they dont theyre gonna have the same problems they did this year, 2 power forwards playing the front court that cant play defense. there will be guards available later in the draft to fill their point guard needs. randy foye can play point and telfair isnt bad either.

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Players the Wolves covet (in order)

Players the Wolves covet (in order)

14.James Johnson

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I would have Tyreke Evans and Earl Clark as...

my 4th and 5th on that list.

Thabeet is good at a couple things (shot-blocking and rebounding) but pretty poor at most other things (anything offensively with the exception of the uncontested dunk).

Jennings looks like he's a bit slight in build. Even with his quickness, I'm not sure he won't have difficulty with the physicality of the NBA game.

Derozan is poor off the dribble and not a good shooter. Unless you plan on fast-breaking and throwing him alley-oops a lot, he will not be that effective.

Jordan Hill has some athletic talent, but I think his game is pretty limited at this point. He's more potential and far away from being a really good player.

Stephen Curry is not strong enough, tall enough or quick enough to truly be a threat in the NBA.

Tyreke Evans, meanwhile, is an excellent ball handler for his size and has good strength. He has some passing skills as well. As long as he works on his shot (which isn't as terrible as some say), he will be a threat on every offensive possession. And he's not a bad defender either.

Earl Clark, like Evans, has lots of tools. He has good strength, good quickness for his size, and decent athleticism. If his outside shot becomes reliable, he will be a guy who can post up or play the perimeter.

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y do u have brewer starting? when Gomes and Miller are both wayy better. Rubio or Jennings here would be ideal for Minnesota.

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Who should the wolves pick

Who should the wolves pick if they have 1st pick? Griffin?

They would end up with 3 PF standing at 6'9, 6'10,6'11, very undersize front court. I would hope they trade away Love in his scenerio. I prefer the wolves picking Thabeet.

I would like the line up of,

Draft Flynn

Foyle is a 6th man. Just like Ben Gordon. Combo guards should be consider 6th man because they don't have a true position. Coming off the bench would make the team stronger overall.

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